Are you still worrying about rhinitis during pregnancy during pregnancy?

Many pregnant mothers have faced rhinitis during pregnancy after experiencing early pregnancy such as frequent urination, pregnancy and vomiting. They are constantly blocked by their nose. They can only breathe with their mouths every day, resulting in dry throats and uncomfortable throats, but they cannot be used.

How to prevent rhinitis during pregnancy?

What should I do if rhinitis violations during pregnancy?

Let’s learn rhinitis during pregnancy with all pregnant mothers today.

1. Why are pregnancy and rhinitis easily suffering from rhinitis?

According to statistics, about 20% of pregnant mothers may have rhinitis, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy.

This is mainly caused by the sensitivity of the nasal mucosa to estrogen.

During pregnancy, due to the rise in estrogen levels, the small blood vessels are dilated, the nasal mucosal cell edema, and the glandular secretion is strong, which causes the nasal mucosa to exceed the sensitivity reaction, manifested as symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing.

This symptom occurs during pregnancy and can relieve itself after childbirth, so pregnant mothers don’t have to worry.

2. How to prevent rhinitis during pregnancy?

1. Try to go to public places as little as possible. During the flu, you need to wear a mask to keep your mouth and nose warm and humid, and reduce the stimulation of dry cold air;

2. Keep the indoor air moist and dry. It is recommended that pregnant mothers use the humidifier to supplement the air humidity;

3. Avoid excessive irritation, such as mosquito coils, burning fragrance, paint, cleaner, etc.;

4. In the room where air is dirty, it can be disinfected with white vinegar fumigation methods;

5. Pregnant mothers should actively prevent colds to reduce pathogenesis;

6. Persist in physical exercise and enhance physical resistance;

7. Avoid various factors that lead to the decline in human resistance, such as excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, cold, etc.

8. Open the window to ventilate regularly to keep the indoor air fresh;

9. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E to enhance blood vessel elasticity and improve the blood flow of the nasal mucosa;

10. Pregnant mothers avoid severe emotional fluctuations and maintain a happy mood.

3. What about rhinitis during pregnancy?

The following method may wish to try a pregnant mother:

1. Appropriate exercise to improve your own immunity;

2. You can try to massage both sides of the nose to the root of the nose to accelerate the blood circulation of the nasal cavity, thereby alleviating rhinitis;

3. Drink plenty of water;

4. When you sleep, you can raise the pillow slightly;

5. Keep the indoor air humid;

6. Avoid irritating odor, such as trying to grow flowers and plants at home, use perfume, etc.;

7. Eat less spicy food;

8. You can take a hot bath or breathe in the hot towel;

9. If you are serious, remember to take the medicine in chaos, it is recommended to find a doctor to follow the doctor’s advice.

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