Are you happy or sad?Zhengzhou women are pregnant with 8 twins. At first, there were 6 inspections, and then there were two more.

The Chinese people pay attention to a descendant, especially for traditional elderly people. The happiest thing is not how much money has been made in this life, but when he is old, the children and grandchildren are around their knees.

Especially in rural areas, if a person is old and grandson, he is often regarded as "no blessing" by outsiders.

Although this prejudice is traditionally, it reflects some previous thoughts.

Now, the pressure of life is growing, and many people have begun to become unwilling to have children.No matter how the elderly urge, life must be happy.

Recently in Zhengzhou, Henan, there are more interesting things.A woman who was about to become a mother, when she went to the hospital for examination, was told that she had 8 twins at a time, which could be said to be unheard of.

Scientific research has proved that the chance of human beings to give birth to six twins is only one -4.7 billionth.What does that mean?For a popular example, the chance of walking on the road with a thunderstorm day, the chance of being hit by lightning twice in a row is only one in 9 million.

It can be said that so many people in the world may not be able to find one.

Later in 2019, a woman in a state in the United States gave birth to six twins, and the mother and child were safe, which broke this record.

However, in Zhengzhou, a woman suddenly told her that the doctor suddenly told her that it became the "lucky man" selected by heaven. In his stomach, it was not just 6 twins, but 8 twins.

The disclosure of this explosive news is the niece of the person.

According to her, her aunt has always been unhappy after knowing 8 twins.On the contrary, his sister, the mother of the disclosure, was very happy.

Because in her traditional cognition, the more children, the better naturally.The so -called "people are prosperous."

It is worth mentioning that the woman was only 6 twins during the first inspection. At that time, many people had shocked many people.

Outsiders are curious or happy, but as the parties, they are not happy at all.

It is reasonable to be happy when you are pregnant, but how to take care of and how to give birth is a series of difficulties.

First, whether so many pregnancy sacs will affect each other, or insufficient nutrition, causing part to be unable to mold?Second, even if it is smooth fertility, in the future, it is a big problem.

Although there are policies that can be supported, so many children are always a burden on life.

So they are also seeking other solutions, because the current fetal buds have just been formed and there are still remedial measures.Including doctors also recommend reducing tires, both for adults or children.

As for so many reasons, according to experts, it was caused by irregularly promoting ovulation.In the past examinations, there are often 5 twins in pregnant women, but in the end, they can rarely give birth.

Every family has a difficult scripture.As far as fertility is concerned, it has become the "lucky" among hundreds of millions of people. Although happy, reality is the root of determining everything.

In the past ten years, the country first let go of the second child, and then the third child is not limited. Why is the fertility rate still not mentioned?The main reason is this.The younger generation, no matter from fertility or education, the concept is very different.

When you think that when you are young, you are mostly accompanied by the soil, and it is rough and rough, but the current children, from milk powder to education, are all gaps, galloping in front of their parents.

Imagine, if 8 are born with 8 sons, what can parents do?

Although it is a joke, I have to consider it.

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