Are there any people obeying those old sayings about pregnancy?It really makes sense to analyze it carefully

The folk attaches great importance to the "taboos" during pregnancy. From now on, although most of these taboos are superstitious ideas, most of them are for the purpose of protecting pregnant women.

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Many pregnant women have expressed their eyes open after pregnancy, and they have begun to be surrounded by various "pregnancy taboos". Of course, pregnant women who have been educated in modern education will certainly not be concerned about these statements, but the elderly regardless of 3721.

If there is something wrong with pregnant women and babies, they will be attributed to because there are no rules during pregnancy.This cannot be done, that cannot be touched, and the pregnant woman does not believe it, but it is not good for the elderly.

Her husband asked Tingting back to his hometown to raise a fetus, thinking that the mood of the pregnant woman was better.As a result, after staying in the countryside for a week, Tingting ran back with the suitcase himself.

Facing her husband’s doubts, Tingting was extremely aggrieved.It is not that she does not like to get along with the elderly. It is really the uncle and aunt in the countryside. There are many strange old saying every day.

For example, if you want to embroider a pillow, those elderly people are around. Pregnant women cannot use scissors. The child with a bad temper is not good. Pregnant women cannot use needles. The child with a child is small.Tingting was so angry.

My husband is thinking on the side: "You see that their older generations set such rules, aren’t they afraid that the needle thread will hurt the pregnant woman, so I think about it?"

Tingting said, "I think that the pregnant woman wants to be lazy. When she is pregnant, she wants to leisure and unwilling to work, so I compiled these reasons to scare people." Both of them couldn’t help laughing.

Most young pregnant women today do not adhere to the traditions of the elderly, considering feudal superstitions.But thinking from another angle, the purpose of creating these claims should be to protect pregnant women.

It was just that the people at the time were indeed more superstitious. When seeing some behaviors caused bad consequences, they exaggerated it and gradually formed a special reason.

Now we just need to be considerate of the elderly’s caring heart. We don’t have to stick to these claims. Think about these "taboos" carefully, and some can really make some truths.

1. Pregnant women cannot attend the wedding or funeral to visit the mother

These claims are different in various places, and some say that "the god of joy" and "bereavement" will collide with pregnant women, and some say that those who are pregnant will collide with the owner. In short, they are not allowed to go.

Judging from the current thinking, participating in wedding funerals and visiting mothers, the environment is more noisy and chaotic, and it is easy to hurt pregnant women.At the same time, pregnant women follow the joy or sadness, emotional fluctuations, are very hurt, and are not good for babies in the abdomen.

Clinical survey shows that the mood of pregnant women is overwhelmed within 4-10 weeks of pregnancy, leading to malfunction of fetal lips, and the chance of cleft palate or rabbit lips is six times higher than normal pregnant women.

2. Shooting a pregnant woman should "extinguish the sun fire"

There is a saying that everyone has a "three fires", two on their shoulders and one on their heads.People with good health are "fire prosperous", pregnant women, old and weak people are "weak", and the shoulders of pregnant women will extinguish "Yanghuo".

It seems that it is likely to be afraid to scare her on the shoulders of a pregnant woman.

The medical community generally believes that if the mood of pregnant women has been stimulated, excessive sadness, scare, fear, and excessive emotional excitement may cause uterine contraction and increase the probability of abortion.

Pregnant women are likely to be nervous or falling, and they are risk of abortion. It can be seen that this is to protect pregnant women in disguise.

3. People with pregnant women cannot decorate and punch

In ancient times, the "fetal god" said that the fetus gods would live in after pregnancy, and decorating and punching at home were disrespect to the fetal god.

People with pregnant women are really not suitable for moving, renovation, etc. Although pregnant women do not need to contribute, they can easily hurt her back and forth, and it is very tiring to run back and forth.

It is likely that the sharp iron such as nails and hammers who are afraid of scattered nails and hammers hurt pregnant women.From now on, it is not allowed to exempt the decoration of formaldehyde to the fetus.

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