Anshan: Six0 old man suddenly died when free electrotherapy was done

"Meino Health Management Center" is located on the second floor of the Fruit Supermarket on the west side of the Elementary School of Tiexi Daxi Street.

Zhang Yi’s body was parked in the "center", and his face was blinded by his clothes.

Yesterday morning, the citizen Zhang Yi (pseudonym) suddenly died when a free electrotherapy was done at a health care center in Tiexi …

Lao Han died suddenly during electrotherapy

At about 10 am yesterday, Mr. Hu, a citizen, called this newspaper, saying that the famous elderly died suddenly when he had an electrotherapy at a health center.Mr. Hu’s health center is called "Meno Health Management Center" (hereinafter referred to as "Center"). It is located on the second floor of a fruit supermarket on the west side of the Elementary School on the Elementary School of Tiexi.After you arrive at the supermarket, you can see that there are iron staircases directly on the second floor. There are several publicity boards hanging on the wall next to the stairs. In addition to the word "Meino Health Management Center", there is also "Guangzhou Meino Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.".Words and companies and products.

Follow the stairs to the second floor and push two doors. You can see that the "center" has two houses in the inside and outside, and there are more than 10 square meters in the outer house for people to wait for rest. There are more than 40 square meters in the house.There are ten plastic chairs, and there is a small table with red cloth between the chairs. There are more than a dozen white instruments that look like computer cases on the table.A person familiar with the matter told reporters that this is the instrument for Zhang Yi’s electrotherapy, named "Meino High Pot therapy".

On the ground next to a chair, Zhang Yi’s body was parked on a carton board, and his face was blinded by his clothes.Next to Zhang Yi’s body, the older Wang Li (pseudonym) old tears, with the help of relatives, supported her body. She and relatives told reporters that Zhang Yi is 68 years old and has no disease.I did not come up with this.

A man wearing a yellow top at the scene said that when Zhang Yi had an accident, he was beside Zhang Yi.The man introduced that at 8 am yesterday, he and Zhang Yi were doing electrotherapy. Zhang Yigang suddenly fell to the ground for ten minutes. He took out the savior pill he carried with him to rescue Zhang Yi and did not save it.The man said that someone dialed 120, and the medical staff rushed to the scene to rescue the rescue invalid, and the inspection Zhang Yi had died.Afterwards, someone called the police that the police took the "center" staff away for investigation, and Zhang Yi’s family members also left the scene.

"Center" has been used for more than half a year for electrotherapy for free

Mr. Hu, a citizen who lives near the "center", has also come to "Center" for electrotherapy.Mr. Hu introduced that the "center" was opened in March this year. The boss is a southerner, a house rented, and hired a few locals as a "teacher".Dozens of people came to do electrotherapy, and many people lined up outside.

Mr. Hu pointed out that the instrument is the "Meno high potential therapy instrument". It is a white instrument -sized white instrument with a computer chassis. The instrument is connected to a cushion through the wire.About half an hour, I didn’t feel much at that time, but if they touched others, both of them could feel numb.

The reporter learned from a lady wearing a mask that she bought a instrument not long ago. "The machine with a price of 12,000 yuan, and I bought it in the last 8,000 yuan."

[Speaking of all parties]

Municipal Food and Drug Administration: This product is sales of 3 categories of products without permission

Yesterday afternoon, the "Meno Health Management Center" had been seized by the public security department.

Yesterday, the reporter reflected the situation learned to the Medical Device Supervision Department of the Food and Drug Administration of Anshan City. The staff surveyed the product registration number of the "Meino High Pot therapy" and found that its registration number was 3260694.According to the staff, such products have nationalized product registration numbers to distinguish what products the product is, and the first type of products can be sold for sales; second -class products need to be registered in the local competent department to register the filing to sell; and the three of them are three; and the three of them are sold;The products need to go to the local competent department to apply for sales permit, otherwise it is not allowed to sell.Because the product is the three types of products in the "3", it is not allowed to sell at the Food and Drug Administration of Anshan City, so it is not allowed to be sold.

At about 3 pm yesterday, the inspector of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration came to the "center" inspection. The "center" iron door was locked and had been sealed by the public security department.

Subsequently, the reporter came to Tiexi Yongle Police Station to learn about the situation, and the police said that the incident was still under investigation.

Doctor: Not any one can do electrotherapy treatment

The reporter searched "Guangzhou Meino Electronic Technology Co., Ltd." online and found the customer service hotline through the company’s website.Customer service staff acknowledged that Anshan’s "center" was established by the company and mainly distributed the "Mino 1000 high potential treatment instrument".Customer service staff said that the current generated by the instrument is less than 0.1 mAh and will not cause adverse effects on the user’s body.Does the use of this instrument do electrotherapy?The customer service staff answered "Impossible.""Our instrument is sick and treats the disease, has no illness, and has no side effects."

Can the instrument be as good as the customer service say, and the disease is not sick?Zhang Ping, the attending physician of the Department of Physical Therapy, Anshan Third Hospital, said that the treatment of electrotherapy has certain targetedness and cannot be used blindly.

Bleeding tendencies, such as purpura, leukemia, etc., are not suitable for electrotherapy.In addition, those who have performed cardiovascular surgery and installed with foreign objects, especially those with a pacemaker, have blood pressure above 200/150mmHg, have fractures and joint dislocation, ulcerative skin diseases, infectious diseases, women’s menstrual period or pregnancy period or pregnancy.In the early stage, the weak and young people and the advanced cancer patients were not suitable for electrotherapy.

Lawyer: Responsibility identification shall be based on the results of the judicial appraisal

Who should bear the responsibility of Zhang Yi’s sudden death?Ren Yancheng, an expert in our newspaper and a lawyer of Liaoning Promoting Law Firm, believes that the matter should be based on the results of the judicial appraisal.The product is a three -free product, and there is a quality problem. This is compensated by the producer and the service party; if the product is fine, it is died by the service party’s fault, and the service party should be compensated.

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