Another baby is born with a ring!How big is this probability?

After 7 consecutive tests

The 20 -year -old girl accepted the fact that she was pregnant

after all……

She has been wearing a 9 -month -old palace inner birthplace ‍


This healthy baby boy is born smoothly

And hot network

Holding the "lost duty" in your hand

Decoding science, praise 11


The birth of such a child

How big is the probability

Let’s calculate it

The failure rate of breeder interception?

It is understood that there are about 130 million women in my country using the in -palace -saving device (IUD), accounting for 70%to 80%of the total number of women’s IUDs worldwide [1].It is a contraceptive appliance that is mainly placed in the uterus through the local tissue’s reaction to foreign objects to achieve the effect of contraceptive effects. Among them, the active IUD can be divided into the Bronze Palace in the Bronze Palace and the internal babies in the Pharmaceutical Palace.

Women have the highest risk of pregnancy in the early stages of IUD.The incidence within one year is about 0 ~ 2.1%, and the incidence rate is about 2.94%.According to the "International Women’s Health Magazine", 5 of each people in the Bronze Palace in the Bronze Palace will become pregnant every year.In contrast, only two of women who are estimated to be in the palace in the palace will eventually get pregnant.

IUD ectopic or falling off is the main risk factor for accidental pregnancy [2-3]. Uterine anatomy abnormalities, IUD ultra-valid periods of use, previous pregnancy number, sexual activity frequency, and age may also be related to IUD contraceptive failure.

Earlier studies on 5896 cases of pregnancy objects found that the proportion of under 35 years old and multi -pregnancy pregnancy targets is high [4].More information shows that the age group between the ages of 20 and 39, especially the ages of the aged 21 to 39, has a greater pregnancy. The lighter age, the greater the possibility of failure.And remind you to pay special attention to young women who use IUD.

Fetal health survival rate?

Although pregnancy is not common, it is dangerous for pregnant women and fetuses.In some cases, pregnancy can also cause ectopic pregnancy.Studies have shown that copper-containing IUD and Zuo Nuo Permone IUD bands have 5%and 15%~ 50%of the chances of pregnancy [5-6].

Even if it is not anotonic pregnancy, pregnant pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion, premature birth, premature birth, uterine infection of liquid and tissue infection, slow fetal growth, early fetal membrane rupture, and low birth weight [7].

There have been retrospective analysis [6] pointed out that among the 144 cases of pregnancy pregnant women in the study, compared with the pregnant woman who took out the IUD in the early pregnancy, the abortion, premature birth, premature membrane breakthroughs of pregnant women with pregnancy in pregnant women who took out the IUD belt pregnancy were not taken out.The incidence of pregnancy is higher (63.3% vs 36.8%).

Bringing rate?

For internal pregnancy in the palace, it is generally recommended to take out the IUD as soon as possible in a non -invasion to improve the pregnancy ending.

However, when the tail wire of the IUD is not visible or the IUD is difficult to remove, the advantages and disadvantages of retaining and retaining IUD should be weighing.Before the fetus was born, the fetus was wrapped in amniotic membrane. It was surrounded by amniotic fluid. It was impossible to touch the IUD. However, most of the IUD could fall off by itself during the production process.

What is the chance to hold in your hand?

Newborns also have "initial" skills when they were born, such as foraging reflexes, sucking reflexes, and holding reflexes.Among them, holding a reflection will make the newborn hold any items in his hand.

However, although this ability is inherent, even if it is not a birthpool, the baby will hold something else, such as the parents’ fingers …

In the developed society of medicine

This baby’s birth

Although it has also experienced "difficulties"

But it is not a miracle

But for this pair of parents

This baby must be

Gifts of heaven


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