Analysis of the medical case of "15 years of collapse" in good pregnancy 5

Gender women, age 28 years old, 155cm tall, weighing 116 catties

1. Main problems: I have endless menstruation for 15 years. In March 2016, a son of a caesarean section is now 21 months old. There are bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy.

Menstruation is as follows:

2. The menstrual cycle has always been maintained by eating mother Fulong, and breast tenderness before menstruation

3, 13 years old, early tide, normal for half a year, then stop for one week, 13 days, high school in high school for a month

4. During menstruation, there are blood clots, and there are many blood clots when the amount of menstruation is long. It ends at 7 days at normal. 5-6 sanitary napkins are full. In the past, the waist and abdomen were obvious.

5. The leucorrhea is clear, the amount is relatively small, the genitals are not uncomfortable, and there is no uncomfortable room in the same room

The general situation is as follows:

6. Stool once a day, sometimes twice, sparse, frequent urination, endless urination

7, afraid of cold, dreaming, normal diet

8. Usually feel a little pain near the back of the back and kidney, the middle and lower lumbar muscles can pain, and there is no organic lesion.

9, these days are more bright red, often caught a cold and sneeze after giving birth

The summary after consultation is as follows:

1. The menstruation is endless, the course of disease is 15 years, and the menstruation is not regular.The liver and kidney function is normal, and there is no organic lesion.

2. In the past, the waist and abdomen were obvious, but now it will not be.

3, stools 1-2 times a day, sparse, sometimes endless, often endless urine, no night urine

4, afraid of cold, cold feet, cold all over the body, dream when you sleep, a bowl of rice with a normal diet, your appetite is good, and you will feel pain in the left and right.

5. Usually feel a little pain near the kidney, the lumbar muscles can hurt, it is more prone to fatigue. When I get up in the morning dizzy, I love yawning, I can have a warm hand in the past.

6, the mouth is not thirsty, drink 500 ml of water every day, the tongue is thin and thin, and the nest in the tongue is obvious.

Dialectics is the lack of spleen and yang, and the spleen is not the same.The first part of the loessing decrease and subtraction change.Fang is: 10 grams of wormwood, 15 grams of ginger 15 grams of ginseng 15 grams of frying atractylodes 15 grams of ripted licorice 10 grams of raw land, 15 grams of white peony, 10 grams of coda, red stone fat 20 grams of fine grams of cricket grass 20 gramspay

Doctor: Drink it twice for one medicine.(Specific medicine and medication methods are explained separately).Diet and vegetarian, eat less meat egg milk, spicy barbecue, cold food.

The second diagnosis has been clean, and the addition and subtraction and changes continue 3 payments.The phenomenon of frequent urination of the third diagnosis has improved and the mood has improved.In the future, it will continue to be adjusted with the addition and subtraction with the certificate. Drinking the medicine for more than a month to check the pregnancy. After pregnancy, the brown secretion lasted for 15 days.

Key reviews: There are many causes of leakage, and the dialectics of this case are mainly spleen and yang deficiency.We use loess soup, but it is not the original prescription. The more important thing is to use the idea of loess soup to change flexibly. Considering the current Chinese medicinal material quality and the problem of formulating.The filled films are too much, and the efficacy is not ideal. Here I use Ai leaf instead of the attachment. There is no stove heart soil.It takes astringent hemostasis and replaces Ejiao, because the authentic Ejiao is expensive now, and it is difficult to buy genuine products. Of course, more importantly, we have to learn Sun Sizhen’s sincere thoughts: "Since ancient times, he has cured diseases, and he has used life to help the crisis.Although it is said to be a low beast, as for love, people and animals are one. The harm of the other benefits, the physical situation is the same, it is because of the people! The husband kills the life and lives farther.Liang is also from this. Its belongings of tapeworms and leeches, and those who are dead in the city, then use it in the city. This is not the case. Just as the chicken eggs are not divided, there must be a large number of urgency.You have to use it as a last resort. Those who can not use it, Srih is not enough. "It is our consistent principle without using animal medicine.The subtleties of traditional Chinese medicine are flexible changes, not stubborn, and unsuspecting the original prescription. After using other several other medicines instead of Ejiao, they also have a very ideal effect. 3 medicines are paid.

The treatment of Chinese medicine is more based on the principle of people -oriented. In this case, the patient’s spleen and yang are insufficient, that is, the dysfunction of the viscera. Our treatment focuses on regulating the human body’s internal organs.And the patient’s long -term dependence on drugs to maintain physiological metabolism is basically normal. When the drug is discontinued, it is like we are a weak country when we fight. We do not enhance our strength.The help of a friend is temporary. Once the friend leaves, the enemy is here again, so repeated.Therefore, the treatment must be people -oriented and enhanced its own power, so as to ensure the situation of long -term stability.

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