An Yixuan and her husband’s body show pregnant photos, 8 months pregnant

On June 5th, it was the anniversary of An Yixuan and her husband Chen Ronglian’s marriage. On the day of the day, Yixuan took a group of pregnant belly photos and revealed that the baby’s nickname was 66.It is reported that An Yixuan had been pregnant for 8 months at this time.

At noon on the same day, An Yixuan wrote: "The first time you take a picture of your life, you don’t need to work hard to collect your belly, you can also protrude. You must also commemorate the incredible and magical change of the body.Put 66 out, take a little less photo for the first time … I really will be nervous, so pulling Xiaoding to accompany me! It is good to pull people, so that his shirt was taken away by me. "

In the Wenzhong, An Yixuan also said: "2017.6.5 was married in Hawaii in Hawaii. Two years later, today we harvested the best gift from God to God … Everything is the best time & arrangement! Happy 2nd anniversary!The name is 66 because it was called 65, and then I remembered that we got married in Hawaii, and the Hawaiian Aloha. Aroha originally meant: hope, love, and later became a greeting: Hello.The gesture is 66, I like this coincidence. "

39 -year -old An Yixuan was born in Taipei, Taiwan Province.When An Yixuan was small, his parents had been divorced and lived with his father.Dad was operating a security company and had a strict discipline of her since she was a child.

In 2003, An Yixuan became popular because of starring in the heroine of the Taiwanese drama "Fighting Fish".In 2004, he received widespread concern for starring in the corner of Lin Yueru in the costume myth drama "The Legend of the Fairy Sword".In 2006, he starred in Jin Yong’s martial arts drama "Snow Mountain Flying Fox"; since then, in "Yun Niang", "Next Stop, Happiness", "Yitian Tu Long Ji", "Locking Qiu", "The Love of the Qin Figs of the Ancient and Modern Wars", "Good Girl Spring", "Journey to the West", "Journey to the West"And "Water Margin" and the idol drama "Princess of the People".

In 2013, he starred in Chai County in the historical film "The Loyal Yang Family General"; in 2014, he participated in "The Legend of the Needles".In 2015, he starred in the TV series "Return to the Royal Sister".In 2016, with the romantic love movie "I’m Virgo", he was nominated for Best Actress in the 8th Macau International Film Festival.

An Yixuan experienced several feelings. At the end of 2010, An Yixuan and Li Chengyi met and fell in love in the process of cooperating with the film "Wedding Woods".After that, An Yixuan had a scandal with Wang Zhonglei, Huang Xiaoming, Wang Xiaofei and others, but the real boyfriend admitted by An Yixuan was only Li Chengyi.However, Li Chengyi later publicly acknowledged that due to personality differences and other reasons, he broke up with An Yixuan at the end of 2012.

On March 15, 2017, An Yixuan announced that she would marry Ten billion CEO Chen Ronglian.On June 5 of that year, the two had a wedding in Hawaii.It is reported that after receiving the "iron coil" wedding ring when he proposed, An Yixuan also received a 10.57 carat diamond ring on the island wedding.On June 23, An Yixuan held a wedding banquet in Taiwan. On the same day, Chen Yanxi, Fang Zuming, An Zaixian, Cao Ge, and Tao Yan couple, Xiang Huaqiang, Xin, Lin Yichen, Ming Dao, Pan Weibai, Ren Xianqi, Fang Zuming, A-LIN, etc.S also took her husband to bless.

An Yixuan and her husband were called Xiaoding Ding couples by fans. An Yixuan has always been grounded. Any news will be happy to share with fans. After marriage, An Yixuan is very happy.Therefore, on March 15, 2019, An Yixuan announced the news on Weibo on Weibo when he registered with her husband.On June 5th, coincided with the 2nd anniversary of the Hawaiian wedding of the two, An Yixuan took his own beautiful pregnancy photos.

In order to retain the most beautiful moment before giving birth, An Yixuan and her husband Chen Ronglian went to the Fayagon Island of Vietnam to take pictures.This time I rarely put on a swimsuit in front of the camera. In order to stress, she also pulled her husband to accompany her to "take off".Each of the nine pictures posted by An Yixuan is different, with beautiful white wedding dresses, romantic blue gauze skirts, tropical big flower swimsuit, each shows her different beauty.Although she was already pregnant in August, An Yixuan showed no signs of weightlessness, and it was still slender and beautiful.For more than a month, An Yixuan’s small 66 will be born. I believe she is looking forward to anyone.(Photo) Statement: Reproduced this article is out of the purpose of passing more information.If there is an error or infringe on your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you.(Article Source: Figure B)

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