An accident after eating two fruits!Hot incidence

Right now is the season of melon and fruit fragrance

Everyone is enjoying

Also pay attention

Don’t be greedy when tasting

Not to eat fruits that have been rotted

Aunt Zhang, 60, Zhejiang (pseudonym)

So far

Just because two cooked pineapples are greedy

As a result, I pulled my belly for more than ten days

Pull into "Little Yellow Man"

In the end, even acute liver failure


Pineapple is sweet, but "stamina" is not small

Not long ago, Aunt Zhang, who lived alone, spent 10 yuan on a food platform and bought two "cooked pineapples on Hainan trees". As soon as pineapple was delivered home, Aunt Zhang smelled the fruity.

However, because Aunt Zhang was temporarily pulled out by the younger sisters, pineapple was temporarily "left" at home.Three or four days later, Aunt Zhang went home and found that the entire house was filled with a strong pineapple fruit fragrance.

After the pineapple peels the pineapple, she found that the inner core of the "clothes" was already dark yellow. When pressing the flesh gently, the juice would flow out of the juice.

"Will it be rotten?" When she was about to throw it, Aunt Zhang came closer, and the pineapple didn’t smell bad. Taste a bite, but it was extremely sweet!

"It’s too worth buying!" Aunt Zhang killed one with a breath, and the next day, he raised another pineapple and cut into pieces.

After a few hours of drinking pineapple juice, Aunt Zhang started diarrhea. She ran a dozen bathrooms a day, but because it was a normal bowel movement, Aunt Zhang didn’t rest assured that she thought it was pineapple residue.

As a result, the "laxative" effect lasted for more than ten days. Originally, I planned to go to the hospital for examination, but when Aunt Zhang thought of another half a month, I had the day to make an appointment.examine.

It was dragged for half a month until Aunt Zhang went to the local hospital to do an annual medical examination. During the queue, the medical examination nurse saw the aunt Zhang, who was yellow in the crowd at a glance, and immediately held her.High, it is recommended to do a liver function test directly.

The inspection found that Aunt Zhang’s liver function indicators can be called "explosive tables", and canopyrase is as high as 1400U/L (normally 0 to 40U/L), and the total bilirubin is close to 400 μmol/L (normal should be less than 26 μmol/L).Hempeurity is only 21g/L (normal person should be 40g/L).

Aunt Zhang was sent to the emergency room of the local hospital for treatment. Further inspection showed that it was close to the state of liver failure, and then transferred to the Department of Infectious Diseases at the First Hospital of Zhejiang University for treatment.

The physical foundation is very good, how can I suddenly liver?

There is no medical history of chronic liver disease, no drinking, nor do he take liver damage drugs. He is healthy every year for physical examination, and local hospitals to check that hepatitis A and pental hepatitis such as hepatitis A and penta are negative.Chen Yanfei, deputy chief physician of the Department of Infection of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, carefully diagnosed, quickly ruled out the possibility of viral hepatitis, medicinal hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis and other common liver damage.

"The onset was due to eating two cooked pineapple, but there was no fever, and the inflammatory indicators were not high." After analyzing the progress of Aunt Zhang’s disease, Chen Yanfei also excluded liver damage -related liver damage caused by bacterial infection.

Is it toxin food poisoning?

Some bacteria will produce toxins after contaminating foods

Food poisoning caused by it is called toxin food poisoning

But what kind of toxin produces

How about the liver failure of Aunt Zhang?

Chen Yanfei said that there were previously reported toxin toxin toxin poisoning, causing liver failure or even multiple organ failure.However, due to the "culprit" that caused Aunt Zhang’s diarrhea, it has been eliminated, and now it is not possible to verify whether it is waxybacteria, but it cannot be ruled out.

Sheng Jifang, director of the Department of Infectious Centers, introduced that Bacillus of Bacillus is an oxygen, medium temperature, and spore-produced Gram-positive bacteria. It is a common pollution bacteria in food and cosmetics. The favorite growth temperature is 28-35℃, so this season is high.

At present, after a series of symptoms, Aunt Zhang’s liver function has been steadily transferred, and she has been discharged from the hospital and continued to recuperate.

These foods "overnight" may also produce toxins

The weather was hot, and many foods were shortened in room temperature.Facing the leftovers and leftovers in the family, many people will fall into a dilemma: Dowry?Or is it hot and hot?

First of all, it is clear that we often say that overnight dishes are literally, and one -night meals are placed.In terms of science, the dishes with more than 8-10 hours of placement are overnight dishes.

Lu Mengshan, a clinical nutritional department of Hangzhou Cancer Hospital, reminded that overnight meals will not only cause damage and loss of some nutrients during the storage and secondary heating process, but also easily breed bacteria. It is easy to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even food poisoning after consumption.

It’s best not to eat overnight meals

If you want to eat leftover dinner that day

Be as tomorrow’s breakfast

Then remember to store scientifically

1. Refrust in time

The temperature of the refrigerator is low, which can inhibit bacterial breeding and relatively reduce the generation of nitrite.

2. Separate storage

For leftover dishes in the refrigerator, pay attention to separate low -temperature storage to avoid cross -pollution. Use clean cover containers or plastic wrap.

3. completely heated

The leftovers must be completely heated before eating.The so -called thorough heating is to heat the leftovers and leftovers to the central temperature above 70 ° C and keep it for 3 minutes.

The doctor reminded that some overnight dishes can be eaten, but they still eat as little as possible, prepare meals on demand, how much, and how much.Special groups such as the elderly, pregnant women, children, chronic diseases and other special groups should be cautious for overnight dishes.The leftovers are not heated for more than once, and it is recommended to eat it within 2 days, and it is best to fall off for more than 3 days.

Integrated | Zhejiang University First Hospital, Tide News

Source: News Morning News

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