American women vomit 130 times a day during pregnancy, 36% weight loss 36%

According to the British "Metropolis Daily" reported on August 30, it is a very normal phenomenon that it is normal to feel uncomfortable during pregnancy, but a young mother in the United States has an average of 80 vomits per day and can vomit up to 130 times.

Breanna Schroeder from Colorado was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum in the early pregnancy, and she spent 39 weeks in the following 39 weeks.The 19 -year -old girl originally thought that she had a stomach pain too seriously, so she vomited, so she went to the hospital for various examinations and was told by the doctor that she was pregnant for three weeks.The doctor first thought that the young mother was just vomiting in the morning, but in the seventh week, Breanna vomited about 80 times a day.In the worst period, she vomited to 130 times.

On the day of pregnancy, Breanna could only sit next to the toilet for most of the time, unable to move, and could not eat.She said, "I don’t know what happened to my body. In the worst days, I couldn’t count how many times I would vomit in a day. At that time, I spit out bile and blood.I vomited too much, my stomach wall was destroyed permanently, and the esophagus was torn. I could only eat a Wastef biscuit at most every three days. Later, I had to accept liquid injection to replace the diet."

The doctor prescribed many medicines for Breanna, and once she even took 15 different types of drugs at the same time, but the doctor still couldn’t find the appropriate way to relieve her pain.At the end of pregnancy, Breanna’s weight decreased by 36%, serious dehydration, malnutrition, and entered the early stage of multiple organ failure.Due to severe iron deficiency in the blood, Breanna was also diagnosed with anemia, and low potassium in the body also caused permanent heart damage.

At 39 weeks of pregnancy, Breanna gave birth to a healthy daughter, and the child was named Adela.Shortly after Adela was born, the nausea of the new mother began to fade away.Now, five months have passed, Breanna is almost completely recovered. She wants to raise people’s understanding of pregnancy drama.She said: "When I think of the period of pregnancy, my first idea is that I will never experience such pain again. I want to raise people’s understanding of pregnancy drama and provide funds for related research to help medical professionalsI know more about this disease. I hope that other pregnant women with this disease in the future can get better treatment than me, and I hope they will not be as painful as me. Now the most important thing is that my daughter ades are happy and happy and happyHealth, with her, all of this is worth it. "(Compiled by China Youth Network)

Source: China Youth Network

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