Always sleepy, it is the calamity of the thyroid gland

After the spring, many people are accompanied by the trouble of "spring sleep": lethargy, tirelessness, no stubbornness, and weakness.Some people still feel tired and sleepy after sleeping for eight or nine hours, and they still have no spirit to drink several cups of coffee.

In fact, some trapped is not because he has not slept well, the root of the disease may be on the "thyroid".

Impact of thyroid

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine organs of the human body. It is located 2 to 3 cm below the "throat knot" and looks like a butterfly.

The thyroid hormone secreted can promote metabolism and growth and development of the body, and has a regulatory function for the functions of various systems of the whole body, such as cardiovascular, digestive tract, hematopoietic system, and nervous system.

There are more or less thyroid hormones, which will affect the body:

More secretion can make people energetic; if the secretion is less, people will be sluggish, and always want to sleep, always feel sleepy.

Symptoms of the control symptoms

1. Increased weight or cholesterol level;

2. I often feel cold, often feel weak, often sleepy, and insufficient physical strength and energy;

3. Increased blood pressure or slow heartbeat;

4. The skin becomes dry, and the nails are grayish and easy to break;

5, muscle and bone stiff pain, feel numb;

6. Sludge thinking, inattention, decreased memory, slow action and response;

7. Emotional depression;

8. Slowness of intestinal function and metabolic levels becomes slow, occasionally constipation.

How to protect the thyroid gland

The main function of the thyroid gland is synthetic thyroid hormones, and thyroid is one of the important organs of the human body.Therefore, we can maintain the thyroid gland by paying attention to diet, relaxation of mood, environmental, and regular medical examinations. The specifics are as follows: the neck should stay away from radiation

Radiation is the clear cause of thyroid cancer. Try to stay away from the radiation environment in work and life. When shooting X -rays, you should avoid the thyroid area as much as possible.Women should check the thyroid function when preparing, and choose to get pregnant after the thyroid hormone level is adjusted to normal.

Eat less salt

A hypothyroidism is often manifested as swollen hands and feet, blessing of the body, and has a certain relationship with the occurrence of mucus edema.Excessive salt intake will increase edema.

In addition to salt, there are some foods with more sodium, such as pickles, bacon, seasoning, etc.

Limit cholesterol intake

Eat more lean meat, fish, soy products, etc. Promotion.

Control the intake of fat and cholesterol, and limit foods such as pork belly and cream.

Regular physical examination

Regular physical examination should be checked to check thyroid hormones and related antibodies, and perform thyroid color Doppler ultrasound. This can be found early and treated as soon as possible.

Dietary fiber

Patients with hypothyroidism are prone to constipation and bloating. They choose foods rich in dietary fiber, such as various miscellaneous grains, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Prevention of thyroid cancer -keep feet

"Materials": Frying gardenia 6g, Chaihu 6g, Danpi 6g, Xiangfu 6g, Angelica 6g, Sichuan Skinumi 6g, Tulips 6G, Yuanzhi 6g

"Practice": Boil all the materials into water; pour it into a bubble barrel, the temperature is moderate between 40 degrees and 50 degrees, and keep soaking for about 20 minutes.

"Efficacy": Rehabilide the liver and relieve depression, remove dampness and heat, and relieve qi.

Health Jun reminder:

Although hypothyroidism is not a particularly serious disease, it will not cause excessive harm to the body in a short time, but it will still cause some hidden health hazards of the body.Therefore, it is necessary to treat it in time and restore health as soon as possible.

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