Although the fruits are nutritious, two times during pregnancy are not suitable for eating, for the sake of the fetus

The time to eat fruit during pregnancy is particular, and the benefits of eating fruits in these two times are many

After pregnancy, expectant mothers started to pay great attention to "health". I heard that eating more fruits is good, not only nutrition, but also beauty and beauty, so I want to eat one from time to time.But do you know that eating fruits during pregnancy is also particular. Eating the right time can better absorb nutrients, which is good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

What is the golden time of eating fruit?

1. One hour before dinner

The human body one hour before meals is already hungry. At this time, choosing to eat fruit can first alleviate this hunger.And many ingredients in fruits are water -soluble, which can promote the digestion and absorption function of the body. In addition, the fruits contain a certain amount of heat. Eating before meals can reduce the intake of dinner and avoid excessive eating during pregnancy and cause too fast weight.

2. Two hours after meals

Nowadays, people eat dinner late. Many pregnant mothers are hungry at less than dinner. They start to find food to eat, and even choose to eat some puffed snacks to fill their hunger.In fact, it is also the best time to eat fruits. Not only can pregnant mothers feel full, but also more nutritious than eating those garbage snacks.And at this time, there is still a certain distance from dinner, and there will be no fruits to eat too much and cause the troubles that ca n’t eat dinner.

What time should not eat fruits?

1. Eat fruits immediately before and after meals

It is best to choose a fruit between two meals. In this way, the meal of meals has been digested, and it will not affect the intake of the next meal.

If you eat fruits immediately after meals, the food has not been digested and eating cold fruits, which will affect the normal digestion of the stomach and stomach, causing the pregnant mother to have an excessive satiety.

2. Eat fruit before going to bed

It is not advisable to eat fruits before going to bed, because the pre -pregnancy mothers have poor sleep during pregnancy, and insomnia without moving. Eating fruits before going to bed will cause the stomach to be digested after falling asleep. It is prone to gastrointestinal discomfort and affect pregnant mothers sleep.

And many fruits have a lot of water, and eating fruits before going to bed can easily cause frequent urination, frequent nights affecting sleep quality.

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