Allergic to condoms, uncomfortable and embarrassing?What other contraceptive methods to choose from?

Constitution is a method of contraception with high safety factor and very convenient, which is very popular.This contraceptive method has a small impact on the body of women and has little effect, but one must be considered, that is, condoms are allergic.Let’s take a look at why some people are allergic to condoms and how to deal with condom allergies in the future.

Constitution is a latex product, which itself belongs to an allergic source, because some people are allergic to latex.Another point is that there are too many patterns in condoms now. Some people add phosphorus coatings in order to be able to add phosphorus. If they are allergic to phosphorus, they will have an allergic reaction.In order to have the effect of lubrication, there are lubricating oil on the condom. In most cases, this kind of lubricant is methyl silicon oil, and there are also many people who are allergic to this material.Therefore, allergies to condoms are not a very rare situation, but a very common situation. This requires everyone to know.

1. Hurry off the condom

The condom is a allergic source. If an allergic reaction occurs, the first thing is to remove the allergic source, that is, immediately take off the condom.If the symptoms are very mild to continue sexual life, you can change to a contraceptive method at this time. If the symptoms are serious, you should suspend sexual life. If necessary, go to the hospital for treatment.

2. Rinse with water

Regardless of whether it is allergic to condoms or lubricating oil inside and outside the condom, it should be rinsed with water after allergies.In this way, the lubricant on the surface of the organs can also play a calm role.However, it should be noted that do not use soap when cleaning, just rinse with water.

3. Treatment

If the allergies are very serious, anti -allergies must be performed on the whole body of allergies.Antitrosional drugs can be taken orally or calcium glucose is injected. If the symptoms are very serious, it can be treated with adrenal cortex hormone.However, no matter which treatment method is used, no matter which kind of anti -allergic medicine is taken, you must be carried out under the guidance and suggestions of the doctor. You cannot eat it yourself, otherwise it will bring some bad consequences.

If you are allergic to condoms, you can change other contraceptive measures to contraception.This kind of contraceptive method should be excluded first, because this contraceptive method is not safe, and the chance of accidental pregnancy is high.This contraceptive method of in vitro ejaculation should also be excluded, and this contraceptive method safety factor is not high.In addition to these two unreliables, there are several reliable.

You can choose a short -acting oral contraceptive contraceptive, but one thing to pay attention to is not to miss the service, take one capsule every day.

You can choose a birthplace contraception. By placing the birthplace in the uterus of women to achieve the effect of contraception, there are many precautions when placing the contraceptive ring. I hope that all women can understand in advance.

The contraceptive method of ligation is not recommended. If you are married, and if you have a child, you have no plan to have a child. You can use a men’s volt tube ligation or women’s fallopian tube ligation.

There are many people who are allergic to condoms. Correct treatment is the key.In addition to condoms, there are many contraceptive methods of high safety factor. You can choose according to your preferences and needs. Do not use contraceptive measures because of allergies for condoms. You must cherish women’s bodies.

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