alert!I have been pregnant for 5 months, and pregnant women die because they eat fruit tires!Doctors say that …

It’s summer,

Everyone will put various foods in the refrigerator,

But in your refrigerator,

Maybe there is a kind of natural no fear of cold,

Known as a "refrigerator killer" bacteria-

Single -nuclear cell hyperplasia Lisnt bacteria.

Three weeks ago, a 20 -year -old pregnant woman in Wenzhou City was recruited.

Fruit infected with the bacteria because of eating,

As a result, the fetus is dead.

Pregnant women in their 20s are unfortunately born

According to Liang Huibiao, deputy chief physician of the obstetrics of Wenzhou Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, three weeks ago, the hospital received a patient, a urban area, who was in her 20s and was about 5 months pregnant. She was her first child.

Before admission, the pregnant woman was a little fever, and her body temperature was around 37.7 ° C. There was occasional headache.She thought it was just an ordinary cold, but did not expect that the temperature fluctuations of the body temperature after a few days became more and more abnormal, and even launched a high fever.

Her family quickly sent her to the city’s Chinese and Western Medicine Integrated Hospital for treatment. The doctor’s examination found that the fetal heart was no longer able to detect the fetal heart and then confirmed through the B -ultrasound.Such a result has brought a great blow to female patients and their families.

Liang Huibiao said that the pregnant woman was infected with "single -core cell hyperplasia" (hereinafter referred to as "single -increase Liszt bacteria").

Single -core cell hyperplasia

Eat the fruits in the refrigerator and infected

Liang Huibiao said that "Single Rids Listera" is a kind of primary bacteria that have a greater influence on human beings.It can still grow and reproduce at the refrigerated temperature, and even survive for 1 year in the freezing room of minus 20 ° C, so it is also called "refrigerator killer".

Liang Huibiao said that they asked the recipes of female patients. After some screening, they finally confirmed that the suspicion of the fruits she had eaten. "There is raw meat in the refrigerator.The fruits in it are not stored separately from raw meat, causing the fruit to contaminate this bacteria. "

Liang Huibiao said that the incidence of normal people is one million to 100,000, and most of the infected people will only have mild symptoms, such as vomiting and diarrhea.However, more severe complications may occur in people with weak immune systems, such as infants, pregnant women, and elderly people.

The mortality rate after fetal infection reaches 30%to 50%

Dr. Liang Huibiao said that the incidence of pregnant women can reach 120,000."Single Listella" infection will occur at any time during pregnancy, and it is more common in 3 months after pregnancy.The main way to infected the fetus may be the blood line placenta -fetal infection. After the bacteria enters the body through the gastrointestinal mucosa, the uterus is reached through the blood, the infection starts from the uterine molten, and rapidly proliferates in the uterine mincer to invade the placenta.The mortality rate of this bacterial fetus is 30%to 50%.

In the early stage of infection, there are many symptoms of non -specific cold -like samples. These symptoms generally occur in several days or weeks before childbirth:

1. Heat;

2. Cold War;

3. Muscle pain;

4. A few people are accompanied by the symptoms of digestive tract.

Synthetic Symptoms and Treatment

Dr. Liang Huibiao said: "Before admission, the patient had a rising temperature for multiple days before admission. At that time, if he could come to the hospital as soon as possible, the fetal survival rate would be increased."

The key to the treatment of Listel disease during pregnancy is early identification, but alone Liste bacteria is not easy to detect and culture in clinical practice, so the diagnosis rate is not high.Once infected, standardized treatment is required.The treatment method is mainly an intravenous amount of amoxicillin. At present, the treatment of advanced pregnancy in the late pregnancy centered centers of Lisnter bacteria is self -diagnosed to the end of pregnancy.

Easy -in -infected food

Single Lisnem is one of the important pathogenic bacteria, and safety risks exist in the entire process of breeding, planting, processing, storage and circulation.

Foods that are often contaminated include: milk, cheese, ice cream, meat and meat products, eggs, fruits and vegetables, seafood and food foods.

The refrigerator should be cleaned and cleaned regularly. The food storage time of the refrigerator does not exceed 1 week. During pregnancy, I do n’t eat food for a long time during pregnancy.Do not eat cooked foods such as cold meals, ham, and braised meat that are not completely heated (even if they are sealed or stored in refrigerated conditions), do not eat water products.

In daily life, be sure to follow

"Five Points of Food Safety":

Cooked separation

keep clean


Safety temperature

Safety raw material

Because Listel bacteria are afraid of heat or cold, it is recommended that foods be heated before consumption. Generally, it can be heated to 60 ° C-70 ° C for 5-20 minutes.

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Source: Wenzhou Daily Full Media, Wenzhou Evening News, Food Safety Shenzhen, China Business Daily

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