Ah ah ah, she is pregnant!

The great event in the entertainment industry today.

Selina is pregnant.

Selina announced this good news on Weibo and revealed that the baby’s nickname is "Little Limp Fruit".

Selina’s life progress is quite fast.

In March last year, some media photographed Selina and a boy who returned to the hotel, and the relationship between the two followed.

After Selina, she confessed her love generously, and she did not hide it at all. From the attitude of her attitude at the time, she could see that she was more satisfied with the other party.

Where is satisfied?

Probably to be satisfied with the other party, I really treat her.

Selina revealed in an interview that her ideal type is the kind of pleasing appearance.

It is best to have no children.

The most important thing is that you can love her and hurt her very much.

From the words of Selina, it can be seen that Selina hopes that the other half of the character can be greater than the face value. She said so and did it.

Her new boyfriend is quite flat.

According to Taiwan media, the other party’s surname Xu, who did business, was born in 88, 35 this year, about 7 years younger than Selina.

Looking at Selina’s eyes like this, the eyes are quite hot.

Wearing a pair of glasses, it looks more Sven, a typical Taiwanese male appearance.

Chasing Selina was very fierce.

When I was together with a group of friends, while Selina was more happy, I suddenly confessed, "Sister, I like you."

But Selina didn’t get a cold at first.

She thinks that Xiao Xu is too young, and she may be more naive. She is still looking for one older and more mature than she can find.

Xiao Xu is also more persistent.

Without knowing it, he retired.

I have been reluctant to contact Selina, especially during the epidemic period, Selina is upside down, and sometimes I wake up until noon, and I have a special spirit in the middle of the night.

He accompanied her until the early morning.

Then sent a message to Selina in the early morning.

In addition, he did a lot of things that moved Selina.

For example, once, Selina invited him to her house for dinner.

Selina loves to eat coriander, but during that time, because of the weather, coriander is difficult to buy, and when she intends to give up, Xiao Xu holds a bowl of coriander.

Later, Selina knew that for this bowl of coriander, Xiao Xu ran all over the major supermarkets. Finally, he bought the boss.

Selina was very emotional: "This is the weight of coriander. The weight of coriander is very light, but the weight in my heart is very heavy."

She felt that this was a manifestation of Xiao Xu’s heart, and the romance in action.

There are many such examples.

When she filmed the movie "Tower Seven", she was under a lot of pressure, so she shouted that she was going to eat sea urchin every day.

After several times, she returned home and found a box of sea urchin.

"Top 7" is a horror movie. It is often filmed at night. Xiaoxu often comes to visit the class in the middle of the night to accompany Selina.

And because "Top 7" was shot at Ghost Moon, Xiao Xu also ran to Chenghuang Temple for Selina for amulets.

In a sense, Xiao Xu provides Selina with a high emotional value. He let Selina really perceive that she can be loved.

Instead of being disliked, injured, and rubbed like the previous marriage.

Selina is born in a happier family. His father is in a large company in a large company and is worthy of money. He also loves her. In addition, she has a good character in elementary school. She is also very cute.she.

Later, entering the entertainment industry is relatively smooth.

At a young age, he became popular on both sides of the strait.

Everyone called her "Selina Princess."

At the age of 29, at the concert in Taipei, her boyfriend Zhang Chengzhong publicly showed love.

Selina burst into tears.

In September of the same year, she announced on Weibo that her life was about to enter the next stage, and she said that she was happy to her face than the moon, but she was as sweet as: "I hope everyone who loves everyone will be happy together."

With a good harvest of love career, she took it for granted that it would be a frank way ahead.

But it was always so sudden.

After a few months, "I have a date with Spring" started filming.

On the fourth day of the start of the filming, the crew had a blasting accident, and the explosives exploded in advance. She could not dodge and was severely burned.

She wandered on the edge of death for 40 days.

The entire body burns are 54%.

Especially the legs and hands are the worst.

Because her legs are used to use her scalp, the pores above are magnified, and the color is deep and shallow. When she first sat up to change the medicine, she felt that she was not like a living person’s legs: "It’s a bitIt’s like wearing net socks. "

After doing rehabilitation training later, she also made her miserable. Once, when she was about to squat down, her knees split directly and spit out blood.

Later, Selina bravely worn sports pants to run the marathon, which also made the public see how serious she was burned at the time.

At that time, she was fortunate that Zhang Chengzhong did not leave her.

On October 31, 2011, the second year of her injury was her 30th birthday, and Zhang Chengzhong married her on this day.

In the outside world, this is a touching love. It is not left without discarding in the troubles, and celebrities have been held.

However, people’s hearts are unpredictable.

Zhang Chengzhong was actually married to Selina.

It is said that he also cried to his friends, and he changed his bad person without marrying.

After getting married, he was also in a state of love and rotten. He slept in a room with Selina and didn’t care about Selina. The family was dirty and seemed to see it, waiting for Selina to come back to deal with it.

I also said that seeing Selina’s legs after burning, I really want to vomit.

The dislike is overflowing with words.

What is even worse is that he has repeatedly looking for flowers and willows, and the night meeting is hot girl.

Kiss with hot girl.

After being filmed, he had no guilt.

Instead, he was arrogant: "I am not a sage."

Also attempted to pull the people all over the world to sink together: "But I am not a bad person, the same ordinary people like everyone."

In the end, the two finally reached the ending of the divorce.

But even after experiencing such a bad marriage, Selina has never given up her pursuit of love. Before she went to variety shows, she talked about her love.

I also look forward to love that can happen to her.

And now she meets Xiaoxu.

Xiao Xu is not only intimate.

Not like Zhang Chengzhong, he regards Selina’s scars like a flood beast.

Selina felt that Xiao Xu had not experienced her past. Once she was in a tide, she took the initiative to tell Xiao Xu about her injured skin.

And at this moment Xiao Xu suddenly told her: "I think you look like a mermaid growing your feet."

ps. Because Selina’s legs are gravsed, they are one by one.

Selina later said that the direct tears were full of tears.

This is probably the time she recognizes Xiaoxu.

In the same scar, in the eyes of the ex -husband, "nausea makes people want to vomit", but in the current eyes, it can also be "the mermaid grows out of legs", which may be the difference between love and dislike.

When you do n’t love you, even if you are all good, he is full of abandonment.

But when a person really loves you, even if you are hurting, he feels that you look all good.

Yu Ji is happy for Selina. I hope she and Xiao Xu Neng will be old!

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