After three years of marriage, she was not pregnant, and she had something to do with the acne on her face!Hurry up

Recently, Xiao Wang, who was troubled by infertility, accompanied her husband to the Yuyao Family Planning Guidance Station, and the diagnosis results surprised her.

I have not been pregnant in three years …

Xiao Wang told the doctor that he was 30 years old and has been married for almost three years. He used to think about it, but he has never been pregnant with a baby. Now he is getting older and he wants to have a baby.

The doctor observed that Xiao Wang grew fat and had a lot of acne on his face. After communication, he learned that Xiao Wang’s diet is relatively regular, but he still cannot control the weight.Once, but she didn’t care about it.This kind of information makes doctors initially judge that the little king is more likely to suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome.

Sure enough, the test results show that the level of the male in the blood of the little king is too high, and the ultrasound is characterized by the polycystic ovary.The doctor combined with physical examination, and finally diagnosed the little king as the polycystic ovary syndrome.

It turned out to be a monster

Doctors at the infertility clinic of the municipal family planning station pointed out that diseases such as Xiao Wang are not individual, and the outpatient clinics are more common.Many patients came to the station based on infertility or adolescent menstruation. In fact, they ignored many clinical manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome.

It is understood that polycystic ovarian syndrome is a complicated endocrine and metabolic abnormal disease caused by women of childbearing age. It is one of the main factors of young people who are infertile in young people., Hair and acne.It is worth noting that patients with polycystic ovary syndrome often have small acne, mainly distributed on the face, around the breast, and lower abdomen.

In other words, for adolescent girls, the problem of irregular menstruation and acne should be paid attention to.Women who are married and have a normal sex life for more than a year, if there are similar problems, they must be alert to suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome.The treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome needs to be treated differently according to different situations. For adolescent girls, we must regulate menstruation, and women who have fertility needs to promote egg development.

Early prevention

Speaking of how to prevent the polycystic ovary syndrome, the doctor of the municipal family planning station reminds that it is very important to develop good work and rest habits.Women should usually pay attention to the combination of work and rest, control weight, relax, avoid cold and irritating food, so that ovarian functions will slowly return to normal.

However, if you are preparing for a child like a little king, you will find this problem. In addition to the above methods, you need to actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. If necessary, you can take a drug intervention method to get pregnant normally.

Source: Yuyao Daily

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