After the yellow peach can be canned and the electrolyte is out of stock, the lemon is also robbed?is that useful?


Yellow peach cans, electrolyte water … I didn’t expect to grab lemon again?

Recently, consumers’ demand for vitamin C has increased, and multiple e -commerce platforms lemon "emergency". Many netizens said that lemon price increases and were snapped up.

On December 14, a reporter inquired that the yellow lemon, green lemon, and frozen lemon slices in Jing’an District, Shanghai have all been sold out.The lemons in the Fruit Business Mini Program in Dongcheng District, Beijing are also sold out.

Some netizens commented that from canned yellow peach, electrolyte to lemon, the sense of security in the bones may be a word: stock.

It is understood that on December 8, the Shanghai Municipal Government’s News Office organized a press conference of the 246th press conference of the Shanghai New Crown Pneumonia’s epidemic.At the press conference, Ning Guang, Dean of Ruijin Hospital affiliated to the School of Medicine of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that for friends who treat home treatment, family dietary therapy is recommended.

For the shortage of lemon supply, Zhu Danpeng, a Chinese food industry analyst, believes that the fruits such as lemon and yellow peaches have used niche in the past, and China itself also produces lemon, such as perfume lemon in HainanLemon has developed industrialization, branding, and large -scale development. (Supply) should be said to have no problem. "

It is worth noting that on December 15th, the topic”not everyone is suitable for drinking lemonade”rushing on the hot search.According to reports, lemon contains vitamin C and mineral elements, which can prevent gum bleeding and skin melanin precipitation, and some whitening effects.

However, experts remind that per 100 grams of lemon contain 22 mg vitamin C, which is not particularly high.If it is wet lemon slices soaked in water, its vitamin C is very small in water.Drinks such as lemonade are easy to hurt the stomach, destroy the enamel, and brush your teeth in time after drinking lemonade, and people with too many gastrointestinal discomfort and excessive stomach acid should drink less lemonade.

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