After the wife was pregnant, her husband suspected that the child was not his own, but after he came out, he divorced

There is a saying particularly familiar: I just commit the mistakes that all men will make, why can’t I forgive me?

The protagonist Wen Jie of this story made a similar mistake. Wen Jie belongs to the unfortunate unfortunate person who is difficult to survive. After his wife, he thinks that the child is not himself.

In the end, Wen Jie also thought that he had just made a mistake that many people had made. I just doubted that there was nothing wrong. I know my own situation. You happen to have such a coincidence. How can I not doubt.

Wen Jie and his wife Weili were lovers in college. The two people were not far from the middle and did not have a breakup during the graduation season like other couples.

Shortly after graduation, Wen Jie and Weiwei’s parents quickly confirmed the relationship after meeting, and married together.

At the beginning, Wen Jie and Weiwei were not in a hurry to ask for children. Both were still young and wanted to make some money while trying to make some money.

But this is just Wen Jie and slightly thought. My mother -in -law wants them to have a child early, so that they can take care of them while they are young and energetic.

Wen Jie and Weiwei quickly entered the stage of pregnancy, but no matter what, they couldn’t conceive their children. The last two people went to the hospital for examination to know that Wen Jie’s sperm survival rate was low and difficult to conceive.

For this small hope, Weiwei has never complained to Wen Jie, and strives to raise the body, hoping to better help conceive.

When the fate was reached, I couldn’t stop it. Wen Jie knew that she was pregnant slightly one day, and had more than two months, and I happily told relatives at home.

However, when her mother -in -law calculated that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she just began to question whether her daughter -in -law was an affair, and the child was not his son.

Wen Jie’s surprise suddenly fainted his mind. He thought about too much time, and began to doubt whether he was really affair. The child was not his own and asked for identification.

Weiwei never thought that after she was pregnant, her husband would suspect that the child was not his own. He also asked himself to do DNA identification. After noisy, he returned to his mother’s house and said that when the child was older, he could go to the hospital to prove that he was innocent.

For a long time, Wen Jie and his family never contacted Wei Wei to ask the child how it was. The body was okay. It may be slightly derailed in their subconscious.

The time of the hospital was quickly appraised in the hospital, the identification results came out, and the slight heart injury could not heal.

After mailing the result to Wen Jie, Wen Jie was very happy that he could finally have his own children and let him pick up things slightly. The mother -in -law also called and said happily to take care of herself in the future.

But what they don’t know is that there will be a certain risk of amniotic fluid puncture identification. It didn’t take long after the identification, they lost their lives and left the world.

Weiwei is going to divorce. Through this incident, the attitude of Wen Jie’s family clearly and Wen Jie’s distrust of himself is the most failed place in this marriage.

Wen Jie didn’t want to divorce himself slightly. After all, he just made a mistake, and it was normal for suspicion, and the probability of children in the future was very small. Re -marriage was also for others to raise children.

But when I was only in my early 30s, she was reluctant to continue this marriage and the unhappy that she met in the marriage. She had a better choice, and finally Wen Jie and Wei Wei divorced.

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