After the sun, eat less three types of foods and eat more types of food!

When infected with the new crown, pay attention to the light diet and properly taboo, especially the following three types of foods. It is best to eat less or not when the new crown is infected.

1. High -salt food

High -concentration salt can inhibit the activity of respiratory tract cells, inhibit their disease resistance, and also reduce saliva, reduce the intravolinase in the oral cavity, and increase the opportunity of virus and bacteria in the upper respiratory tract infection.

When infected with the new crown, eat less salt. Generally, general adults who do not have diarrhea or a lot of sweating are controlled within 5 grams per day.Interferon is to deal with the new coronary virus.

2. Spicy food

During the illness, many people’s digestive functions will weaken. At this time, too spicy and irritating foods will make the gastrointestinal function more disordered, and even the risk of nausea and vomiting.

In addition, the new crown is often accompanied by throat pain. For those who are not tolerated and spicy foods, spicy foods can also stimulate the pharynx and aggravate pharyngeal discomfort.

3. Food that is not digested well

After the new crown, many people’s stomach motivation is weak. Eating too many foods with high dietary fiber content will increase the burden on the stomach and may even cause vomiting.At this time, you should eat less konjac, celery, leeks, artemisia, sweet potatoes and other foods. In addition, like non -boiled miscellaneous beans, chewed beef and sheep pieces, etc., eat as little or not.

So, which diet is helpful to relieve the condition during the new crown?

1. 2000 ml of water per day

The World Health Organization suggested that sufficient water should be added during the new crown -positive period, and a small amount of water in the day.

Usually adults can drink 1500-1700 milliliters of water per day. If there is no special taboo taboos (such as heart and kidney function problems, etc.), for ordinary adults, when infected with new crowns, drinking water should be more than usual, and it can reach daily every day.2000 ml.Ordinary disposable paper cups, a cup of about 200 ml of water.

Drink plenty of water and urinate, so that the waste produced in metabolism in the body can be discharged out of the body in time, and it also helps heat dissipation.Be careful to drink warm water and not drink cold water.

2. Light soup and porridge

When you are sick, the gastrointestinal function of the person becomes worse, and the light soup and porridge are relatively easy to digest. At the same time, hot soup and hot porridge can play a role in sweating. It can accelerate the "self -healing" process. After sweating, pay attention to the supplement of water.

3. Steamed chicken and fish

The World Health Organization suggested that they choose foods rich in protein, such as various beans, fish, eggs and lean meat.When the human body is relatively weak during the new crown period, proper supplementation of high -quality protein helps to recover from the body.

Chicken and fish contain a variety of amino acids necessary for the human body, and its protein is easy to digest and absorb. The steaming method is relatively light, not so greasy, suitable for consumption during the new crown.Don’t swallow the fishbone if you eat fish.

4. Honey

Half an hour before going to bed, eating a small spoonful of honey (about 10 grams) will help relieve the cough and discomfort at night. Pay attention to babies under one year of age cannot eat honey.


(Professor of Clinical Nutrition Department of Beijing Union Hospital)

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