After the relationship occurs, how can you do it to accurately and quickly know if the girl has a recruitment?

Dear brothers and sisters, good morning, I was hugging cat knowledge anime, and I received fans’ reports. I have been with my girlfriend for five years, but I have never had a sex life. I can’t help but have a relationship after drinking.So if there is no measure, how can men and women do it to accurately and quickly know if there is a recruitment?

First of all, it is clear that after the end of sexual life, you cannot immediately know whether women are pregnant because the process of conception takes time.However, there are some ways to help women know if they are pregnant.Here are some possible ways to be useful:

1. Predictive ovulation period: Women will ovulation every month, and ovulation is the easiest time for conception.If women can accurately predict their ovulation period and have sex during this time period, the chance of pregnancy will increase greatly.

2. Measure the basal body temperature: Women measure their basic body temperature after getting up every morning. If the body temperature continues to rise, it may mean that they have conceived.However, it should be noted that this method is not very accurate, because the basic body temperature is affected by many factors, such as sleep quality, illness, and so on.

3. Ovulation test strip: Ovulation test strip is a simple tool that can detect whether women are in the ovulation period.Women can start using ovulation test strips a few days before the ovulation period. If the test strip is positive, it means that women are already in the ovulation period. At this time, sexual life will be more likely to conceive.

4. Early pregnancy test: If a woman is pregnant, progestin can be detected in about two weeks after conception.Women can conduct an early pregnancy test around the week before their expected menstruation, so that they can know whether they are pregnant as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the above methods are only some useful references. If women really suspect that they are pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and confirmation.Similarly, if women have any symptoms of physical discomfort or suspected pregnancy, they should seek medical treatment in time.

It is well known how to be pregnant. Sexual life is not only a happy enjoyment, but also a natural physiological need.However, if you don’t want to get pregnant, then you need to make some specific efforts and choices to ensure the health and safety of yourself and your partner.Here are some key points that you should pay attention to you who do not want to be pregnant.

1. contraceptive measures and contraceptive measures are a very important part of sexual life.Using effective contraceptive measures can reduce the risk of pregnancy and protect the health of you and your partner.At present, common contraceptive methods include oral contraceptives, contraceptives, and condoms.You can choose the right contraceptive method according to your needs.

2. Safety behavior of security behavior refers to a series of measures to avoid sexual transmission of diseases in sexual life.These measures include the use of condoms, avoid excessive drinking, and avoid sexual behavior with multiple partners.If you have a sexual partner, you need to ensure that you and your partner have been examined to ensure safety.

3. Before the sexual life, you need to be fully prepared.This includes checking the physical condition of you and your partner to ensure that there is no infection or other health problems.You also need to discuss contraception methods and security behaviors to ensure that you all have consent decisions.

4. Communication and respect for sexual life requires mutual communication and respect.You need to make sure that you and your partner have consent decisions, and you all know the needs and preferences of the other party.Communication and respect can help you be more pleasant and secure in sexual life.

5. Pay attention to health and health is a very important part of sex life.You need to pay attention to your health, including diet, exercise and sleep.Physical health can help you maintain the joy and health of sexual life.In short, you do n’t want to get pregnant sexual life. You need to make some specific efforts and choices.The use of effective contraceptive measures, paying attention to safety behaviors, sufficient preparation, communication and respect, and attention to your health are the key to ensuring that you and your partner are healthy and safe in sexual life.

In recent years, more and more young people have begun to actively pursue sexual life and freedom, but many people are unwilling to bear the responsibility of pregnancy.Why would such phenomenon happen?In fact, there are several reasons:

1. Insufficient education: Many young people’s understanding of sexual knowledge comes from rumors of the Internet or peers. Lack of formal sex education, resulting in their insufficient understanding of sex and pregnancy.

2. Economic pressure: The current young people are facing multiple pressures such as difficulty in employment and high house prices. If you are pregnant, the economic cost that needs to be paid is not small.

3. Lifetime: Young people now pay more attention to personal freedom and independence. They hope to have more time and energy to pursue their dreams and hobbies, while pregnancy and parenting require them to pay more time and energy.

4. Gender discrimination: In many society, the responsibility of women’s pregnancy and parenting is often considered a female duty of women, and few people will consider the responsibility of men.This gender discrimination also prejudices many young people’s attitude towards pregnancy and parenting.

In response to these issues, we need to strengthen sexual education and improve the level of sexual knowledge and cognition of young people. At the same time, we also need to change the social views of gender roles and responsibilities, so that men and women should bear the responsibility of pregnancy and parenting equally.

Young life children need to have a child for children in their lives for many young couples.But before preparing to have children, young people need to have some necessary conditions to smoothly meet the arrival of new life.

1. Most of the expenses in the stable economic income life require economic support. In order to provide children with a good material living conditions, young couples need stable economic sources.Not only the money that children need to spend after birth, but also the expenses of children’s education, medical care, entertainment and other aspects need to be considered.

2. Mature psychological quality children need the joint efforts and support of both husband and wife.Therefore, young couples need to have mature psychological quality, including communication, tolerance, tolerance, mutual support, etc., whether they are in pregnancy or childcare, they will encounter various challenges.

3. Good physical health, young couples need physical health check before giving birth to ensure their health.Women need to ensure that their ovarian function is normal, the rule of menstrual cycle, and regular gynecological examinations.Men need to ensure that their sperm quantity and quality are normal, and regular medical examinations are performed.

4. Ann’s living environment The safety of children is the most concerned on each parent. Therefore, young couples need to ensure the safety of living environment.Including problems in housing, transportation, food safety.

5. The mature attitude of life and the mature attitude of life include the serious attitude of treating things, a strong sense of responsibility, and calm things.These qualities have an important role in all aspects of the husband and wife in all aspects of life, and they are also to better take care of their children.In short, young people want to meet the arrival of new life, and they need to have a stable economic source, mature psychological quality, good physical health, safe living environment, and mature attitude towards life.These conditions are not only for successful fertility, but also for the happiness and stability of children and the entire family.

What should I do after sex life?Sexual life has a positive impact on the body and psychology. However, after the end of sexual life, you also need to pay attention to some matters to maintain good health and good quality of life.The following is what should be done after some sexual life.

1. Cleaning your sexual life will cause bacteria to breed in private parts. Therefore, it is recommended to clean themselves in time after sex life, especially women should pay attention to cleaning private parts.At the same time, men also need to pay attention to cleaning their genitals.

2. Emotional regulating sexual life can eliminate fatigue and stress, but sometimes, sexual life may also make people feel tired.Therefore, after the sex life is over, some emotional regulation is needed, such as listening to music, watching movies, and relaxing the body and mind.

3. Diet and moisture ingestion of sexual life are relatively high in energy consumption. Therefore, after the end of sexual life, you need to replenish energy in time, such as eating some water and drinking enough water.In addition, after the end of sexual life, you also need to pay attention to the light diet, eat less spicy, greasy and other foods.

4. Pay attention to the physical response after the end of sexual life, you need to pay attention to the physical response.If you have physical discomfort, for example, you should seek medical treatment in time in time to avoid serious problems.

5. After cleaning up the sex of the sheets, the sheets are likely to be polluted, so the sheets need to be cleaned in time, especially when women’s menstrual or leucorrhea increases, it needs to pay more attention.

In short, after the end of sexual life, we should maintain good hygiene habits, pay attention to physical response, and timely regulate emotional regulation. Diet and water photography should be appropriate and clean the sheets in time. These are necessary measures to maintain good health and good life.

Why do you want to drink water after the sex life is over?In the process of sexual life, the body will experience a series of changes, including acceleration of heart beating, rising blood pressure, sweating, etc.After the end of sexual life, the body needs to recover and adjust, which is why many people feel thirsty after sex and want to drink water.

On the one hand, sweating more during sexual life can lead to the loss of body moisture.Drinking water at this time can help supplement the water in the body and keep the body’s normal metabolism and physiological functions.

On the other hand, the physiological reactions during sexual life have increased the level of hormones such as adrenaline and norepinephrine in the body, causing the body to be excited.And these hormones will gradually decrease after the end of sexual life, and the human body will enter a state of relaxation.

Drinking water at this time can help the body restore normal state faster and help relieve physical fatigue.In addition, if you do not replenish water in time after the end of sexual life, it may cause dehydration of the body, cause discomfort such as dizziness, fatigue, and thirst, and even affect your health.

Therefore, it is necessary to drink water in time after the end of sexual life.In short, sexual life has a certain amount of consumption of the body, and the proper water replenishment after the end will help the body better recover and adjust.At the same time, pay attention to drink plenty of water, but do not excess, follow the principle of drinking water.

Why do girls’ sexual desires stronger than boys In traditional gender concepts, men are always considered to be a stronger side of sexual desire, while women are relatively passive.However, in fact, women also have strong sexual desire.

In terms of sexual physiology, women’s sexual desire has some special performance.First of all, women’s sexual desire is more hidden.Compared to men, women’s sexual desire performance is more hidden, and many women will not openly express their sexual desire like men.This may also be one of the reasons why many people think that women’s sexual desire is weaker than men.

Secondly, women’s sexual desire is more emotional.Women often link sex and emotion. For them, sex life is not only physical pleasure, but also emotional communication.This is why women pay more attention to emotional matching when looking for sexual partners.

Third, women’s sexual desire is more diversified.Women not only have a variety of sexy bands in physiology, but also psychologically have sexual fantasies. Therefore, women are more willing to try new things in sexual life, which is more likely to be affected by the situation and atmosphere.

In addition, women also pay more attention to safety and protection in sex, and often use contraceptive measures and other means to protect themselves. This is also their more cautious and rational performance of ***.

In summary, women’s sexual desire is not weaker than men, but the forms and methods that show are different.Women’s sexual desire is more emotional, concealed, diversified, and cautious, which also brings different experiences to them in sex.

Why are boys active in sexual life?In sexual life, men are often active.This situation may be due to the influence of various factors, including physiological and social psychological factors.

1. Physiological factors Men’s physiological characteristics make them more vulnerable to sexual life.Men’s sexual officials are more significant and easy to stimulate than women.Men’s bodies are more likely to respond to sexual stimulation.Therefore, in sexual life, men are often more active.

2. Another factors of social psychological factors in sexual life are social psychological factors.In traditional culture, men are usually considered to be the leader of sex, and they have the initiative of sexual life.In this case, men are often active in sex, while women are regarded as passive parties.

In addition, another reason for men in sex life is social psychological factors.Men are often considered a more confident and decisive sexual partner, and they are more likely to play the leading role in sexual life.

Women may feel more fragile and vulnerable to harm in sex, so they often adopt passive attitude.In summary, men are usually active in sex.

This is due to the influence of various factors, including psychological factors.Of course, in sexual life, the characters between sexual partners can be converted to each other without having to follow the traditional gender role positioning.The interaction and communication between sexual partners is very important for the satisfaction and joy of sexual life.

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