After the quarrel, the chest is like qi, shortness of breath and weakness

Some people’s temper is natural, and some people have a good temper, but their temper grows up after marriage and child.Especially women are more.

In fact, being angry is a disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine talks about liver hypoplasia, mainly three aspects of drainage:

1. Dredating emotions and ensuring the peace and harmony of emotions will not explode.

2. Dilation of the stomach and stomach to ensure that the gastrointestinal movement is normal.

3. Dredating holiday and menstruation

The normal excretion function of the liver depends on the abundance of liver blood, but women are used for blood and have the characteristics of physiological pathological characteristics with fetal production. Therefore, it is easy to lose blood and too much blood loss, which will cause liver blood deficiency.

If the liver and blood deficiency, the liver cannot be abolished normally, and the liver will be lost, it is easy to stagnate liver qi, qi depression and fire, it is easy to fire three feet.

*** female 32


I don’t like to eat since I was a child. I have to have a strong personality.After graduation, work pressure, strong strength, and often fever and sick.At about 16 years, the stomach pain started. At that time, I didn’t know that it was stomach disease and never paid attention to it.Later began to be qi and weak, and made gastroscopy. I have done gastroscopy in 17 years and 18 years. As a result, chronic gastritis and reflux gastritis are available.I was pregnant at the end of 18, and the pregnancy process was very difficult.After giving birth to a child in August 19, stomach problems recurred, coupled with the day and night to work hard, taking western medicine without fruit, and was hit. In September 20, he began to see Chinese medicine and began to learn about traditional Chinese medicine.The recipe for half a year is basically the six gentlemen of Xiangsha or Guizhi soup. The recovery process is very slow, but it has always improved and always insisted.However, the cause of the epidemic was unable to return to the clinic. After changing the doctor, he used cold drugs.During this period of time, there are menstruation, blood clots, and dysmenorrhea. The result of Western medicine test is endometriosis.However, in recent months, I consciously dry my mouth, but I still took the six gentlemen of fragrant sand, but the mouth was getting heavier, repeated oral ulcers, thirsty at night, hot sleep in the quilt, hot face, but hot face, but but hot face, but the face was hot, but the face was hot, but the face was hot, butI’m afraid of cold, the back of the back is soft, the amount of menstruation is small, and the hair is easy to oil. After a lot of stool, after a big quarrel with my husband last Thursday, I consciously hurt my vitality.Soft waist is unbearable.After taking the following traditional Chinese medicine

Dragon 30 Oyster 30 Bupleurum 10 Baiyan 10 Coriander Shell 10 Tenpot 5 Poria Poria 15 Licorice 4 Chicken Vine 15 Sichritine Mountains Pork 10 Yam Pacific 15 Gardenia 10 Gardenia 10

Now eating stomach bloating and frequent migraine.Dry my mouth when I sleep at night, I am afraid of cold when I get up.The waist and abdomen are also afraid of cold.I’m afraid of cold.Passion, chest tightness.Feel the chest weak.Backache.There was one without miscarriage.

There is a small amount of vacation, purple color, and blood clots.Dizziness.The amount of meals is small.The stool is dry.

Sleep well, sleep thirsty, and timid.

Dreaming, it’s hot these days, it is difficult to fall asleep

The face is hot but very afraid of cold.

People are uncomfortable and bring their children, so they are easy to lose their temper. Many times they control themselves, and they are in their hearts.

Headache head bloated.

Diagnosis: Heart, spleen, kidney yang deficiency, heart deficiency of heart, liver stagnation qi stagnation, blood deficiency

Treatment: nourish the heart, spleen and kidney, solid the heart and boldness, relieve liver and qi, nourish blood

according to:

I usually have a little stingy, but it’s right.But this is too angry.Directly lead to the atmosphere.This situation naturally raises the gas machine quickly, but it takes the sinking medicine. Naturally, the chest is weak, and the chest tightness is short.

The patient’s condition is more complicated. On the one hand, the pathogenesis of the pathogen is complicated. In addition, it is also cure and obedient. However, the medication is more complicated.

However, the essence of it is mainly based on yang deficiency and blood deficiency. The others are only secondary symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to cure diseases.Only at all firm can we go to the evil.Otherwise, it will only be solved from the symptoms, which is not only difficult to remove, but it is also easy to hurt people.

Murder can still be cautious about people who love anger.It is easy to induce angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, yelling loudly and easy to lose sound, and so on.Although there are not many depression in the atmosphere, it is easy to appear, especially those with their own qi deficiency and yang deficiency are more likely to appear.

Once the atmosphere is sinking, it must be raised, and it must not sink anymore.

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