After the pregnant woman fell to the ground, the passers -by’s approach was polarized. After falling, what would the fetus protect the fetus?

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After pregnancy, due to the weight of the body, and the size of the body will change a lot, at this time, walking will become even more bulky and inconvenient. If you encounter some bumpy roads, it will be easyThe problem of falling.

There has always been a hot spot about whether the elderly should support, and now there is a new hot topic. When the pregnant woman falls to the ground, should they be able to help?In other words, dare to help.


Seeing such a video on the Internet is not sure whether it is a shooting or a real event, but it has caused people to think deeply.In the video, you can see a woman who accidentally fell while riding a bike in the community. The whole person was very helpless lying on the ground.I don’t know what to do.

At this time, a man who called next to him, but he did not take care of this fell pregnant woman, but walked away directly and quickly.

Immediately after seeing a woman riding an electric car, she got out of the car immediately to help the pregnant woman who accidentally fell.One of the men also stopped him after passing, so that he would not have more nosy things, but the woman insisted on helping the pregnant woman.

After seeing such a video, many people expressed their views, saying that the two men were too cold.When I saw a pregnant woman falling, I didn’t help it, even if I didn’t help it, I had to stop others from helping.

In fact, the reason why many people are unwilling to help pregnant women is because they are worried that the problem of miscarriage will occur after pregnant women fall, so it is unclear after being sent to the hospital.I am also afraid of being stunned.

But in fact, the fetus is protected by amniotic fluid and uterus in the pregnant woman’s belly. Even after falling, there will generally not be a problem of miscarriage, so if it is because of this worry, it is completely unnecessary.

But unless it is positive and down, it is important to attract attention.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for examination.

Because pregnant women become more bulky after pregnancy and change their body shape, they will inevitably cause some danger when walking.

1. Send pregnant women to the hospital.

Although we say that the pregnant woman also has amniotic fluid and uterus after falling after falling, but it does not rule out some special circumstances. Therefore, if the pregnant woman fell, she must take a pregnant woman to the hospital when it is supported. Regardless of whetherDoes she have a direct trauma, because this can ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses.

Don’t be lucky, think that there is no problem with the surface of pregnant women, and there are no problems. There may be some problems that may not be showed yet.

2. Gently lift up pregnant women.

The body of pregnant women after pregnancy is very inconvenient. At this time, if pregnant women go out alone or do some dangerous things, they must be accompanied by her family. In this way, when the pregnant woman falls, it must be so that they must do it.Take them up in time.

When helping the pregnant woman get up, you must pay attention to the skills. Do not pull it hard, but gently hold the pregnant woman’s armpitly to support them. This can also avoid straining the pregnant woman.

Pregnancy is a very painful and long process for every girl. In this process, they have to go through the inconvenience of the October in October, the pain of childbirth, and the mind of taking care of the child after experiencing.

Generally speaking, if the mother falls during pregnancy, it will not be any big deal, but remember that if there is a serious trauma, you must take the pregnant mother to go to the hospital for a check in time, otherwise it may affect the affecting it.The health of the fetus.

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