After the Hainan man rescued the python in 1996, the python was willing to be a "nanny" to see the home nursing home for him.

Huang Kaining’s family and python

In our cognition, snakes are very cold -blooded animals, but in a family in Hainan, there is an unusual scene. A python is surrounded on a bed, and an adult and two children are lying on the bed.But from their eyes, they did not fear the snake.

This python is particularly close to personality and play with children.

So why is there such a "warm heart" picture?

It turned out that there was a family in Hainan. There was a man named Huang Kaining in the family. He was an authentic farmer. Everything in the family was responsible for Huang Kaining. Such a life was a bit boring to Huang Kaining, but there was no way.You can only do a good job of farmers every day, but when Huang Kailing thought that life did not change, the emergence of a snake changed Huang Kailing’s life.

On this day, he went to farmland as he was before. At that time, he was at noon. Huang Kaining felt a little hot, so he stopped the hoe at hand and took a moment of rest for a moment.With a bit of sticky but very silky things, Huang Kaining didn’t think of it, and found it as a slender living creature.

Huang Kaining thought it was a loach. When he was about to throw it aside, he found that this "loach" would say his tongue. He shuddered without chilling and looked at it before he knew that this was a little snake., But this snake is just born, letting Huang Kailing love it, ready to take it back and study it.

Huang Kaining left the farmland and went home to go home. After getting home, put the snake in a transparent glass bottle, Huang Kaining carefully looked at the snake. Although he had seen hundreds of snakes, he was so small but so smallSnake is still difficult to distinguish the variety for Huang Kailing.

Huang Kaining

Huang Kaining started to read a lot of information and find the variety of this kind of snake. However, it was still impossible to find it over and over. Finally, Huang Kaining asked a farmer and learned from his mouth that this was a black -patterned python, but this kind of python belongs to rare animals. LifeWhy does it appear in Huang Kaining’s farmland in a very humid and hot place?

Under Huang Kaining’s inquiries again and again, the reason why he failed to find out the reason. He decided to return to the place where he touched the snake at the time to find out.

But when Huang Kaining returned to the farmland, he started scratching his head. He found the place where he had just discovered the snake for a long time.The snake stared at it. The next day, I found that the snake climbed out of the bottle and attached to Huang Kailing’s palm. Huang Kaining thought: Is this snake changed my life?

The snake seemed to understand. He spit out his tongue in Huang Kailing. Huang Kaining still had no fear of this little snake, leaving only love.He also took a name with him called Huang Xingcai.

But in a few days, Huang Kaining found that Huang Xingcai didn’t seem to have any spirit. He didn’t like to eat the food feeding to Huang Xingcai. Huang Kaining didn’t know where there was a problem. Finally, Huang Kaining found that Huang Xingcai’s nest was found.It was found that there was a scratch in the abdomen of Huang Xingcai. This wound didn’t look large, and it was difficult to observe by the naked eye alone.

Huang Kaining was crushed with some herbal medicines and other medicinal materials and applied to Huang Xingcai’s wounds. This lasted for a few days, and Huang Xingcai’s wound was almost cured, and it gradually began to have appetite.Huang Xingcai also wrapped around Huang Kaining from time to time.

Huang Kaining and Huang Xingcai perfectly interpreted the peaceful relationship between people and animals. Huang Xingcai never attacked Huang Kailing, but Huang Kaining never told his parents about this. He was worried that his parents would oppose the snake to raise snakes.Can’t cover the fire.

Huang Kaining’s parents found that Huang Kailing’s behavior was very weird recently and often spoke to the air, but when he opened the door, he found that there was no one beside Huang Kaining.

At noon one day, Huang Kaining went down to work. Huang Kaining’s parents felt that the family was a bit dirty recently, so she wanted to clean it. Huang Kaining’s parents came to Huang Kaining’s room and found that the house was very humid.Huang Kaining’s parents couldn’t care so much, so they started cleaning. Suddenly, a bottle was found under Huang Kaining’s bed with a living matter in it.

This time, Huang Kailing’s parents were so scared, and ran directly to the farmland to find Huang Kailing to explain that the matter was over. Huang Kaining heard that it was not good to hear a big deal. He returned to the house and took it out.Snake, and told his parents that the snake never bite, and gave him a name, which made Huang Kaining’s parents think that whether Huang Kailing was a bit abnormal, and wanted to take him to see the disease.

However, Huang Kailing explained that he was not sick and showed the snake in his own hands to his parents. Parents did not know how to discourage Huang Kailing, but seeing that Huang Kaining loved this little snake so much, he could only let Huang Kaining raise it, butHuang Kaining’s parents still scared the snake.

In any case, Huang Kaining was determined to raise the snake. In this day, the little snake slowly became a big python in the population. The neighbors and relatives knew that there was a python in Huang Kaining’s house and dared not to hang the door at will.For fear of attacking them in the python, but in Huang Kingning’s heart, the snake was so docile.

However, in order to let the neighbors and relatives let go of their minds and accept this python, Huang Kaining also made a lot of efforts. He wanted to make this snake more humane and did not attacked people at will.The body proves that Huang Xingcai does not hurt others.

He wrapped his arms with a very thick mattress every day, and then gently tapped Huang Xingcai to anger it, but as long as Huang Xingcai attacked Huang Kaining, Huang Kaining smashed Huang Xingcai’s mouth with a stick, so that it did not attack.Opportunity, Huang Kaining raised Huang Xingcai to let it lie on the ground.

In this way, Huang Kaining really trained this python. Huang Xingcai not only did not attack Huang Kaining. When watching the villagers and relatives came to the house, they also performed very smoothly. From time to time, some villagers wanted to touch Huang Xingcai.It will also be very active to let them touch. This is impossible to see many people, but it happened in Huang Xingcai.

Huang Xingcai will not attack the people surrounding them, but it does not mean that it really has no aggressiveness, but because Huang Xingcai’s only "offensiveness" protects the Huang Kaining family.

On the evening of this evening, the Huang Kaining family washed and went to bed early. At this time, Huang Kailing did not find any abnormalities. He habitually hugged Huang Xingli and fell asleep. Although it looked a little weird, they slept together very early.This may also be a protection measure for Huang Xingcai to Huang Kailing.

By three or four in the morning, a very quiet footsteps suddenly appeared outside the window. If this footsteps were not resting in a quiet night in the countryside, it was difficult to hear it clearly.It was opened inexplicably. Huang Kaining was half asleep and wake up at the time. He thought that the wind opened the window, and he disagreed.

But at this time, I saw a masked man who was in black quietly turned from the window into Huang Kaining’s home. Each of his movements was very careful. When this masked man came to the wardrobe, he was ready to open it.The power of the stock was tangled fiercely, and the masked people struggled desperately.

But he found that the closer the struggle, the more he didn’t know what the situation was. A snake face appeared in front of him. The moonlight was particularly horrible in the moonlight., Dip directly.

Huang Kaining woke up instantly after hearing the shout and found that Huang Xingcai was not by his side, and in the dark painting in front of him, he could see the python entangled with a person. Huang Kaining immediately turned on the light to see the real scene.

Huang Kaining originally thought that Huang Xingcai didn’t pay attention to Zhang Kai’s blood basin when he fell asleep, but he hadn’t waited for Huang Kaining to speak. The masked person cried first, and the masked person said, "I just want to come to youThe family stole something valuable, but I did not expect to encounter such a big python, and I will save me soon. "

Huang Kaining suddenly wanted to laugh at this at this time, and replied: "If you sneak into my house, it can attack you. Besides, if it wants to eat you, it has done that long ago."

The whole villagers were awakened that night. The morning the next day, the villagers watched the Huang Kaining’s house. Huang Xingcai also released the thief.Herself, Huang Kailing was not ambiguous at all, and immediately called the police to take away the thief.

When the villagers learned of the ins and outs of the matter, they praised the python is very human, and they could also help the housekeeper and the thief. This is much stronger than his own dog.

Everyone thinks that this python has brought a lot of blessings to Huang Kaining, but Huang Kailing’s parents couldn’t be happy, because Huang Kaining has never worried about his own lifelong event since he raised the snake.I do n’t know how many targets have been. Most blind dates came home to see the python and scared away. They did not give Huang Kailing any chance to explain.

Instead, Huang Kaining was very open. He never cared for marriage. He felt that as long as Huang Xingcai accompanied himself, he was enough in his life.

Sometimes Huang Kaining dreams of dreaming at night, and dreams of a female snake always following her. When Huang Kaining wakes up, she finds that Huang Xingcai hovers on her bed, which also makes Huang Kaining’s interest in marriage.

But this is not a good strategy after all, and Huang Kaining cannot get married for a lifetime. Under the repeated persistence of his parents, he finds various blind dates to Huang Kaining every day, but the woman is dispersed after seeing the python.With Huang Kingning, but the prerequisite was to send the snake away, and Huang Kaining rejected the woman without hesitation.

After this year, Huang Kaining himself was not too small. If he was not married again, no one was ended with his elderly, and Huang Kailing had to take care of his parents. Huang Kaining felt a crisis at this time.

However, the appearance of a girl made Huang Kaining see the hope of life again. This girl is not in the same village as Huang Kaining, but she is very close, named Xiao Lan, she has heard of Huang Kaining’s house in her house.Xiao Lan, who was curious from time to time, often came to Huang Kaining’s house to observe the python, and faced the python Xiao Lan has never been afraid.

In this case, Xiao Lan had a relationship with Huang Kaining. The two got married as expected, and Huang Xingcai did not make any opposition, which made Huang Kaining a lot more stable.

In the later life, the Huang Kaining couple lived very sweetly. Feeding Huang Xingcai has also become an essential part of them on weekdays. On such a moisturizing day, Xiao Lan was pregnant. Huang Kaining was particularly excited and worried.Fearing that the child will attack the child subconsciously after the birth of the child.

After Huang Kailing’s repeated concerns, he took Huang Xingcai to a remote forest. He put Huang Xingcai on the ground and let Huang Xingcai try to integrate into nature.The tears on his face turned to drive and returned to his home.

When Huang Kaining first arrived home, he thought he could adapt to Huang Xingcai’s departure, but every night, Huang Kaining began to worry about Huang Xingcai. He thought: Will it not eat well, will it be unable to adapt to the life in the forest.Huang Kaining wants to sleep, the more you can’t sleep.

After a week after this, the miracle happened. Huang Xingcai climbed back home. Huang Kaining looked at the python in front of him, and recognized Huang Xingcai at a glance.It’s you. "

For hundreds of miles from the forest to Huang Kaining’s house, Huang Kaining couldn’t imagine how Huang Xingcai crawled back, but at this moment Huang Kaining secretly vowed to accompany Huang Xingcai for a lifetime without separation.

After a few months, the child of the Huang Kaining was born, but Huang Xingcai did not attack the child. This made Huang Kaining excited, and the child had no fear in the face of Huang Xingcai.

The family lived a happy and ordinary life like this, but soon after, Huang Kaining’s family became more and more restrained. Basically, there was no source of income.Looking at Huang Xingcai next to him, he thought of a way.

To do a python viewing garden, you can make some money to collect tickets every day. In this way, Huang Xingcai became the head card in the zoo organized by Huang Kaining.

However, Huang Kaining also explained that after all, it was still cold -blooded animals. Pythons like Huang Xingcai could only be regarded as an example, so warned others to raise snakes cautious.

Many people say that this python helps Huang Kailing to go to the peak of life step by step, can catch thieves, earn money, and be a matchmaker. These are very enviable, but the editors are here to persuade everyone. After all, the snake still belongs toThreats animals, we should be more precautious. It is not terrible to encounter it. It is embarrassing to be bitten. Therefore, we must protect our own safety. When we encounter snakes, we must first call the police to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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