After the couple broke up for 3 months, my ex -girlfriend: I am pregnant!

During the period of love, many men and women are like paint -like. As the relationship deepen, sexual life will happen. However, not every couple can go smoothly to the end. Many women find themselves after breaking up.With pregnancy, how to deal with this situation is better?

Zixin (pseudonym) is a 23 -year -old girl. She looks very sweet and her temperament is very outstanding. There are many pursuers around her. There are many excellent people among her many suitors, but Zixin does not like it.She always lived in a person, and it was the same table sitting next to her when she was still at school.

At that time, his grades were particularly good, and he was very polite when he was receiving things, but Zixin was not very rich at home, and his grades were not very good.Speaking of my heart, I thought that his life would not appear again, but at a event, two people who had been gone for a long time met, Zixin would not let go of this opportunity, and immediately greeted him.Contact information.

Since there is a contact information, two people will chat and talk about late at night every day. Zixin has been expressing his thoughts and regrets for him over the years. Kung Fu is not attentive.People who have been with him for many years have finally been with himself.

The relationship between the two people became deeper and deeper, and soon lived together, but in just two months, the relationship between the two people turned sharply, and in the end, the biggest reason was that Zixin still didn’t know him enough to know him enoughTime and experience will change a person. He has not been what Zixin knows his favorite when he has long been. After living together, Zixin also felt deeply.

After finding that the person she likes gets to know, she is not what she thinks in her heart, and it is this point. When Zixin’s boyfriend is in love with Zixin, he also feels very stressful.I do n’t like myself, I also feel that Zixin does n’t know himself at all, so that two people still broke up.

The two people who broke up would not have any connection in the future, but three months later Zixin was pregnant. The news of pregnancy made the two people sitting together, but what made Zi Xin sad is that he was getting.When knowing the news of pregnancy, the first sentence was "Who’s?" This made Zi Xin feel that he was insulted, and this conversation did not run away.

Zi Xin, who wanted to kill the child, made an incredible decision because he questioned this sentence, is to give birth to the child to prove that he was not a mess.Help to give birth to the child outside.

After giving birth to the child, Zixin contacted his ex -boyfriend again, but his ex -boyfriend already had a new girlfriend, and he did not believe what Zi Xin said. When he put the parent -child appraisal in front of him, he did not want to be responsible.He also blamed Zixin himself who claimed that he had left the child, saying that the two had broken up. The child had nothing to do with him.

Zi Xin also regretted it at this time, but also paid for his own momentum. In desperation, he had to sue the ex -boyfriend to court to ask for compensation.

Unexpectedly, such as Zixin, because they are not married, there is no legal relationship between them, so the man does not have legal compensation obligations in law.However, Zixin was pregnant and gave birth to the child. If the man did not raise it, he needed to support the child.

Article 1071 of the "People’s Republic of China" Article 1071 has the same rights as children of marriage, and no organization or individual may be harmful and discriminated.The biological father or mother who does not directly raise children who are not married, should bear the support for adult children who are adults or adult children who cannot live independently.

If there is no child, but to choose abortion abortion, the man will also make appropriate compensation, such as medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, nutritional expenses, hospital food subsidies, etc.

It is normal for a male and female friends who are in love in love, but when sexual life is in sexual life, everyone must still be cautious and must use protection measures. The future things are not necessarily. Leave a back road for yourself.

If you are pregnant, the two sides have no feelings, and abortion abortion is still very harmful to the body. In this world, you still need to love themselves, and do not put yourself in a dilemma for a moment of happiness.

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Case declaration: This article is adapted from real cases. In order to protect privacy, the names in the article are all pseudonyms. Do not enter the seat!

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