After taking emergency contraceptives, she was pregnant. Can the baby stay healthily?

Two days ago, a friend consulted: "After taking emergency contraceptives, I found that I was pregnant. Can the baby still ask?" For these young people, this kind of thing happened from time to time.

The life after marriage is too important!Often "rise for a while" will be combined to do exercise, it is cool, but … if it is found afterwards, no contraceptive measures or condoms are accidentally slipped, it does not play a role in protecting …I am struggling, I am afraid that the next time the aunt will spend before coming.

In order to reduce this "accident", many people will choose to take "regret medicine", that is, emergency contraception afterwards!Looking forward to eating, you can effectively avoid accidental pregnancy, but!It’s not as simple as you think!

"Doctor, I took contraceptives, but I still got pregnant … Can this child still ask?" Such questions can often be heard.

From this point of view, even if you eat "Anxin Pills", there is a possibility of pregnancy.So the question is, why is it still "recruitment" after taking medicine?Can this unexpected "surprise" ask?

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物 Obviously, no drug is 100%effective!This is especially true of emergency contraceptives!Today, we mainly talk about the most commonly used Zuolinourone (the most common is Yuting).

是 是 ❷ 种 is an emergency contraceptive of unilateral progesterone. The effectiveness of contraception is about 80%, which means that even if it takes medicine, it still has an inefficient efficiency of about 20%.

确 The method of medication is not the right usage is to take medicine as early as 72 hours after the same room.It should be noted here that if vomiting occurs within 2 hours after taking the medicine, take 1 tablet immediately.So if you take too late or vomiting without supplementing, it may cause contraceptive failure.

Influenced by other drugs If you take other drugs at the same time, you may reduce the blood concentration of the left concrete ketone at the same time, which will affect the efficacy.Therefore, Zuo Nuo Nuo progesterone is only a remedy for contraception afterwards, not all the pills afterwards!

When it comes to this problem, let’s first understand the principle of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives.

急 Many people think that emergency contraceptives are to kill sperm or eggs through some drug ingredients. Even if they are not killed, the sperm and eggs are mostly problems.In this way, this "drug baby" must not be required.

This idea seems to make sense, but there is no scientific basis!

药 In fact, the principle of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives is to achieve the role of contraception by inhibiting ovulation and preventing the bed in the bed, and increasing the resistance of sperm penetration.In other words, it is not to kill sperm or eggs, but to prevent them from "meeting" as much as possible.Therefore, it does not cause damage to sperm or eggs.During the early pregnancy stage, the sperm and eggs were in the stage of 28 days of the first day of the last menstrual period, and the sperm and egg were in the stage of not being combined or just combined, and human tissues and organs have not yet begun to differentiate.At this time, if the drug affects it, it will only cause these two results: either directly act on embryo cells, causing the embryo to directly die, that is, abortion; or there is no adverse effect, the embryo continues to develop.

一 Therefore, if you are really pregnant after taking a contraceptive pill, as long as there is no natural abortion, it means that the baby is healthy and can be left.However, if the medicine takes the medicine is not during the safety period mentioned above, or there are many recent medication experiences, it will be difficult to say the impact on the baby.

No matter who, there is no defense "surprise", which will make people anxious.But if you want to stay, don’t have to be too tangled.Of course, if you do n’t intend to have a child or you ca n’t pass your heart, go to the hospital as soon as possible to deal with the next step to minimize the damage.

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