After taking a lot of medicines including emergency contraceptives, can I still ask if I am pregnant?

What are the mottled night talking about?Who can tell you how to choose?

Gynecological clinic, Miss Mi, 25, came back with B -ultrasound. After receiving the B -ultrasound, I saw the diagnosis of "early pregnancy 6+ weeks".

"Congratulations, Miss Mi. You are 6+ weeks pregnant." I told Miss Mi.

Miss Mi’s face was not happy. It was full of anxiety. "Dr. Fu, really did not conceal. I took three emergency contraceptives in the past six months.

"What kind of emergency contraceptives to eat, is it Yuting?" I asked.

Miss Mi frowned, "It seems like it, all bought in the pharmacy."

The emergency contraceptive pill is the rescue measure taken within 72 hours after the contraceptive failure during the same room. It is a purpose of suppressing ovulation or delaying ovulation by supplementing a large amount of progesterone in a short time to achieve the purpose of contraception.

It is three -point poisonous medicine. Usually, because of a large amount of hormones in the body in a short time, it will have a series of symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, changes in menstrual cycle, irregular vaginal bleeding, and changes in ovulation.It may also cause weight gain.As for the long -term harm, there is no large sample data confirmation.

How high is the success rate after taking emergency contraceptives?

The overall contraceptive power is about 85%.

After taking emergency contraceptives, but pregnancy, is the use of drugs harmful to pregnancy?

The results of a retrospective queue found that the use of Zuo Nonourone emergency contraceptive tablets did not increase the risk of fetal teratogenic risk, pregnancy complications, and risk of other bad pregnancy endings.

In other words, even if you take emergency contraceptives, you can also ask for this child without adverse effects.

Afterwards, contraceptives were used in short -term, and the dosage was not large.A large number of clinical data show that people who continue to be pregnant after taking the contraceptives after taking the incident have not found that there are malformations and other abnormal incidence after birth.

Hearing this, Miss Mi is still melancholy. "Doctor, I have eaten Levofloxacin for several days, does it affect the baby?"

If you want to know the answer, Dr. Fu Hong will take everyone to understand the process of conception.

The menstrual cycle of normal female Xiao Zhu is generally 28 ± 7 days, and ovulation often occurs on the 14th day of the next menstruation.When an Energy sperm met an egg unexpectedly, after falling in love and combining, the fertilization process began.The fertilized eggs must be traveled after 3-4 days to reach the warm uterus from the fallopian tube, and "camps and take root" and "take root germination". The embryo will develop into a fetus after the embryo is successful.

Two weeks after fertilization are the period when the eggs are fertilized to fertilized eggs before the endometrium before the endometrium. The fertilized eggs in this period have not been directly contacted with the mother tissue and are still in the ovary or liquid secretion.The little master, your medication does not affect it.

The necessary condition for drugs to affect the blastocyst is that the number of drugs must enter a certain amount of the secretion to work. If the drug is extremely toxic to the blastocyst, it can cause extremely early abortion.

The effect of drugs on the embryo during this time is "all or nothing."

Full: Drugs have an impact on embryos. If the drug toxicity is enough to cause a large amount of necrosis of embryo cells, it may cause embryo death and abortion.Fetal malformations can continue to differentiate and grow into normal babies.

After 2 weeks after fertilization, women with menstruation (about 28 days) are the time within 4 weeks of menstruation. Miss Mi’s menstrual cycle is 27 days. If she takes Levofloxacin within 4 weeks of menopause, then this drug is for the baby to the babyThe influence is "all or nothing."This baby is possible.

When I heard this, Miss Mi stopped speaking. After I encouraged, she said it was difficult to say: "Dr. Fu, I have not got married yet. The boyfriend I talked about now is not necessarily my life partner.You will give me a test of miscarriage. "

Looking at her eyes at this moment, it was my turn at this moment. Since I had planned to have a good abortion, I started to ask me where the problem is?Do you want to say "this baby can’t want" from the doctor’s mouth, so as to give your current boyfriend an explanation?still……

The young people today are really incomprehensible.

What are the mottled night talking about?The final choice is you going to do it yourself?

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