After shooting X -rays, can children still ask for pregnancy?

With the development of the Internet and the media, people have more and more understanding of radiation, but most people are in a state of knowledge, so they have become a situation of "ray" color change.Death and other thoughts have been formed.Often, I did X -ray examination without knowing that I was pregnant, so I was worried, worried about the health of the fetus, and asked artificial abortion.After all, the Japanese atomic bomb is too lethal, and there are too many legends in the Japanese nuclear leakage.

So you really have to wait for three months after the X -ray shot?

Will it really affect the fetus after taking X -ray during pregnancy?

After taking the X -ray, I found that I was pregnant. Do I really need to do a miscarriage?

The X -ray examination of pregnant women is not so terrible. The effects of radiation on embryos are divided into three categories: death effect, deformity and developmental disorders.Everyone is familiar with "disconnecting doses and toxicity, which is a hooligan", yes, for radiation, "disconnecting doses to talk about radiation damage, it is also a hooligan."So the impact of radiation on the fetus is stored!exist!threshold!value!of.

At this time, all or no theory is here ~~

At 1-2 weeks of conception (for the last menstrual period, 3-4 weeks of pregnancy), the embryo has not been differentiated. At this time, the embryo is an all-around cell.The consequences of radiation to the embryos at this time are "full" or "no" damage.If the radiation is particularly strong, the entire embryo will die. If the embryo does not die and stubbornly supports it, the fetus will continue to develop. According to research, the chance of congenital abnormalities is the same as normal embryos.

It is reported that the safety radiation dose threshold of the fetus is 50msv.Let’s take a look at the possible exposure doses in clinical image examinations:

A chest X -ray film: 0.02 MSV

A abdomen X -ray film: 0.005 msv

A tooth X -ray film: 0.001 MSV

A head/chest CT: 2 msv

A belly/lumbar spine CT: 8 msv

Obviously, the radiation doses of these inspections are too low to the threshold of 50 msV for us;

It is necessary to point out here that B -ultrasound and nuclear magnetic resonance examinations are safe and have no harm to fetal health.

Don’t say I didn’t tell you ~~ Taboo treatments for taboos during pregnancy.

Summary: In short, you do n’t have to be too nervous whether you accept X -ray examination during pregnancy or not, or whether you accept it under accidents, and abortion is not a necessary choice. You should consult the relevant professional doctors and then decide carefully according to your own situation.

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