After returning home, the squirrel did not go to the home to return to the mother’s house!

The Bai He’s grace in the Japanese fairy tales appeared in South Africa, but this kind of grace seemed to be so different. It turned out to be Simone Serfontein in the home yard in her friend’s house in 2016, and found a very cute squirrel baby. This squirrel and mother walked away.San!Simone decided to bring the squirrel named Dingetjie home first.In the next two years, Dingetjie seemed to have determined that "this is my house!"

When Simone was going home with Dingetjie, she thought she was probably similar to the middle role. After all, squirrels were wild animals. She hoped to take care of Dingetjie until it could be self -reliant. Especially when I saw Dingetjie for the first time, it was not only trembling all over the body.The whole body is cold, and even the eyes are still closed. Simone and her boyfriend Christof have to learn the knowledge about raising baby squirrels in a short period of time.(Photo / Refined from dingetjitethesquirre@Instagram)

The cute Dingetjie does not like to stay in the cage, so they make a warm nest with shoe box. This tricky squirrel is tired of the shoe box soon and decides to sleep with Simone.No one took care of it, so she took it to work every day in the first three months. Dingetjie would climb into her scarf, shirt or warm body, and then start a day of work.(Photo / Refined from dingetjitethesquirre@Instagram)

Soon after, Simone decided to let Dingetjie return to the wild environment of nature. It happened that she lived next to the Wild Zoo in South Africa. There were many dangerous animals, but she knew that Dingetjie would return to nature sooner or later.(Photo / Refined from dingetjitethesquirre@Instagram)

When Simone thought that Dingetjie could no longer see it again, Dingetjie of the Lovers often ran to the window and waited for the window. It even sneaked back to Simone’s bed at night. At this time, the window was always opened for it.After a few months, when Simone was six months old, it became pregnant, and it also built a nest in the drawer with toilet paper, but unfortunately, the baby died unexpectedly.(Photo / Refined from dingetjitethesquirre@Instagram)

After another year, Dingetjie ushered in its second pregnancy. This time it not only built the nest again with toilet paper, but also built several nests around the house. It seemed to be prepared.The super cute squirrel baby, especially after production, does not seem to have intended to leave home again!(Photo / Refined from dingetjitethesquirre@Instagram)

The cute Dingetjie finally found its lifelong home. Although its grace is to be at home, I hope that in the future and babies, they can grow up happily at the mother’s house.

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