After pregnancy, why does the temperament of pregnant mothers worse?These 4 reasons are the key, which is too distressing

October in pregnancy is a very special period for women.In addition to changes in the body, there will also be many "side effects", the most obvious is that the temper of the pregnant mother has deteriorated.A newly married little couple lived next door. After three months of marriage, the girl successfully conceived her baby.Before I was pregnant, I never heard the couple quarreled, and she had a pair of pairs, sweet and loving, but the girl often heard the sound of quarrels and crying in the middle of the night after pregnancy.Once the editor went downstairs to walk the dog, just met the male owner who was scattered downstairs, and he was smoking in his mouth.Ask forward, it turned out that the couple quarreled again.The boy is strange. Why is his wife gentle and passionate during pregnancy now become a "Hedong Lion"?Is it true that women will be like this after pregnancy?

In fact, a woman will have a bad temper after pregnancy. These four reasons are the key. After reading it, I believe that all male compatriots will understand and distress their wife!

1. Changes in hormones in pregnant women

After pregnancy, the amount of hormone secretion in women’s body will change, and the increase in estrogen and progesterone secretion will make the body of the pregnant mother unable to adapt.In addition, the emotions of pregnant women will become easy to excite, and sometimes she can make her fierce or heavy rain pear flowers in a word.These are normal physiological performance during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers cannot control themselves.However, although the increase in progesterone and estrogen will bring a series of "side effects" to pregnant mothers, it is "necessity" for the growth and development of the fetus. Without the protection of the body hormone of the pregnant mother, it is impossible for the fetus to grow and develop normally.of.Therefore, if the prospective dad finds that his wife has changed a lot after pregnancy, you need to understand more. Maybe they don’t want to do this themselves. They are all hormones caused by hormones!

Second, pregnant women are stressful

Many novice mothers and some pregnant mothers who have been pregnant for a long time do not know much about things during pregnancy. In addition, they are too worried about the safety and health of the fetus in the stomach, and they will become anxious, irritable, and all soldiers.Coupled with the impact of some of the surrounding people and some appalling articles and videos on the Internet, this pregnancy cannot be eaten, the unable to touch, and nothing can be done during pregnancy, making pregnant mothers feel full of danger everywhere, and mental stress will become larger.This kind of mental stress will also cause the pregnant mother’s temper to become more irritable, and the frequency of natural fire will increase.In fact, pregnant mothers can learn more about parenting after pregnancy, and consult doctors during the checkup, and raise tires and tires on the advice of the doctor.

Third, the family’s unsuccessful and understanding

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers may become more sensitive than before. At this time, the most needed is the understanding and tolerance of the family, especially the prospective father.However, many novice dad didn’t know. Because of his negligence, he ignored his wife, which caused many pregnant mothers to be emotional.There are also some family members who are too worried about pregnant mothers to restrict the life and diet of pregnant mothers. Although this is for the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, this will make pregnant mothers feel freedom, and it is easy to form contradictions over time.Therefore, during pregnancy, family members should give pregnant women with some encouragement and support, and at the same time to accompany her to help her go through the pregnancy smoothly. I believe that the pregnant mother’s temper will be much better!

Fourth, I can’t sleep well during pregnancy

With the increase of the pregnancy week, the fetus grows longer and bigger in the mother’s body, especially in the late stages of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will respond to poor sleep quality, frequent urination, leg cramps, fetal movement, back pain, etc.Sleeping is extremely difficult.Looking at the sleeping husband around him, thinking about that he was so suffering, how could the mood of pregnant mothers feel better?Our normal people are not emotional, let alone pregnant mothers who are pregnant with six Jia!Therefore, expectant mothers should not drink too much water an hour before going to bed at night, and do not eat too much at night. You can bubble your feet to drink a glass of milk. This is helpful to improve the quality of sleep.At the same time, the prospective dad will always listen to the sending of the pregnant mother at any time, and the follower of her wife will naturally get angry!

Although these reasons will cause the pregnant mother’s temper to become irritable, but for the health of the fetus in her and the stomach, they still need to learn to control their emotions.Pregnant mothers often emotional excitement during pregnancy can cause their endocrine disorders, affecting the quality of amniotic fluid and frequency of fetal movement, and the baby may not be able to bring it after birth.Therefore, in addition to your family’s more understanding and care for pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers must also learn to control emotions!When it’s okay, pregnant mothers can listen to music and fetuses and take a walk. Don’t care about everything. In this way, you will feel much better!

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