After pregnancy, these parts of the pregnant mother’s body are particularly fragile, and you must pay more attention

After women, women always have various discomfort reactions.Some parts are very fragile and are related to the safety of the baby and mother. For the health of themselves and the fetus, pregnant mothers should take care of them carefully and pay special attention.

"The female is weak, but the mother is just a good." Each mother was a fibrous girl, but when they became the mother, they became very strong. Although the pregnant mother was pregnant, she was already a expectant mother, but the pregnant mother must bePay attention to protecting your body, you will be dangerous when you don’t pay attention to the fetus.

Since Sakura’s pregnancy, not only did he not take a good rest, but he also worked in housework. Her husband said that she did not listen.Once I finished working, I found that her waist was a little painful after sitting on the sofa, but she didn’t take it to the heart. I thought it might be the reason for the job of doing housework.Instead, her pain is getting worse. Sakura’s husband immediately took her to the hospital for examination. Finally, the doctor told Sakura that the waist became fragile after pregnancy, plus SakuraThere are symptoms of back pain when they do housework every day. In the end, the doctor told Sakura to a few ways to relieve back pain, and Sakura’s back pain slowly relieved.

After pregnancy, the five parts of the body will be very fragile, and the pregnant mother must pay attention.

1. chest

After women are pregnant, hormones in the body will continue to increase. When the hormone increases, it will cause women’s breasts to increase. In fact, this is normal.

In the face of these situations, pregnant mothers usually choose these two methods: the first is simply not wearing underwear, which is very comfortable, but the consequence of this is to cause the pregnant mother’s chest to sag; No. 1The two types are to continue wearing their own underwear, but in this case, it will also cause the problem of breast lobe in the chest, affecting the health of the pregnant mother.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to their chest during pregnancy.

2. waist

With the continuous development of the fetus, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger and larger, and many pregnant mothers will have waist pain. In fact, this is due to the increase in the weight of the abdomen.It is easy to cause waist pain and increase the pain of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

At this time, the pregnant mother must do a good job of protecting the waist. When walking or lying down, try to hold the waist with your hands, or the pregnant mother can use the belt.Essence

3. Teeth

Teeth are the hardest parts of our human body, but after women are pregnant, the teeth become very sensitive and fragile.After many women are pregnant, from time to time, gum bleeding, teeth swelling and pain, and some pregnant mothers will have bleeding when brushing their teeth.

This is actually because women’s needs for calcium have soared due to the need for fetal development after pregnancy. In addition, the changes in progesterone, which causes the gums to bleed and swell, and the resistance to bacteria will be reduced, and these uncomfortable symptoms will occur.Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to their oral hygiene, and try to prevent themselves from having toothache.

4, legs

Some pregnant mothers become a little lazy after pregnancy, and usually do n’t get out of bed when there is nothing, either sitting on the sofa or lying on the bed. In fact, this will not only have no good for the pregnant mother, but also cause the pregnant mother ’s legs.Covering.If the blood is in a state of poor circulation for a long time, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother’s legs to edema.In the face of this situation, some pregnant mothers choose to let go, which will induce more leg diseases, which is not conducive to the health of the pregnant mother.

5. Skin

After women are pregnant, the skin will become very sensitive, so many pregnant mothers will easily have acne on their faces, and even grow pregnancy spots, which makes pregnant mothers distressed. In factIt will become sensitive, but if the pregnant mother usually pays attention to care, this situation is not easy to occur, for example: pregnant mothers can usually apply more moisturizing skin care products, or buy some massage oil to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy to slow down pregnancy.The generation of spots, in addition, through appropriate exercise before pregnancy, increase the elasticity of the abdominal muscles and skin, and reduce the pregnancy spots in the abdomen.

What should pregnant mothers pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Diet

Women who have given birth to a baby know that their diet habits may change greatly after pregnancy, and the diet in each stage of pregnancy may be different, so the diet of the pregnant mother during pregnancy isA more critical thing.Moreover, the nutrients needed by fetal development are obtained through the mother’s body. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to her eating habits, it will have a certain impact on the development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant mothers must adapt to each stage of diet during pregnancy, especially in the early and during the early and during the pregnancy, these two areas are a critical period for fetal development.


With the increase of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother is getting heavier and the physical strength is getting greater. Therefore, for pregnant mothers, the work and rest habits in daily life are also very important.If you irregularly, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother to overwhelm too much. In this way, it is easy to absorb nutrients to the fetus to some obstacles. After a long time, it will also affect the normal development of the fetus.Your own schedule is also very important.

In addition to taking care of the baby in the stomach during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must also take care of themselves.Because only if you are healthy, your baby in your belly will be healthy!

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