After pregnancy, these five "cannot" seem superstitious, but in fact, there are scientific principles

Introduction: After pregnancy, these five "cannot" seem superstitious, but in fact, there are scientific principles

When Liu Li got married, her husband and sister -in -law were pregnant, and she did not see the sister -in -law at the wedding.Afterwards, Liu Li asked her mother -in -law that she knew that the custom of that place in that mother -in -law was that pregnant women could not attend the wedding, saying that they were afraid of "rushing".Similar pregnancy taboos circulating are taboos. I do n’t know if you have heard of it. Most of them have no scientific reason, but after the scrutiny, I feel that it should still be observed, because there is also a place to learn from.

1. Can’t disassemble the house or move during pregnancy

Moving the superstition is that moving can alarm the fetus, which causes abortion of pregnant women. This statement is unscientific.

Scientific analysis: Due to demolition, repairing houses, or even moving, pregnant women will be overworked, and they should need to rest during pregnancy, so the fetus will be affected and the fetal gas will be moved.If the family is indeed demolished or relocated, it is best to set up pregnant women in a secure place to live in a stable place. When the family packs up, move home. In short, do not let pregnant women participate.

2. Pregnant women cannot participate in marriage and funeral

Many places in the folk are more taboo about this. Anyone who has a wedding in the family cannot participate in the event of a wedding event, preventing pregnant women from "happy and happy" and endangering the fetus in the abdomen.In addition, funerals at home will not allow pregnant women to participate and prevent "Yongsha".In fact, these claims are also superstition.

Scientific analysis: When pregnant women participated in the happy event, because the people at the scene were full of people and the sound of firecrackers, the fetus was easily frightened and the fetal movement was abnormal.When pregnant women participate in the funeral, sadness will affect the mood of pregnant women, so try to avoid participating.

3. Pregnant women cannot take needle wires and scissors

It is said that if a pregnant woman moves during pregnancy, the baby born in the future may have defects, and this statement will not have scientific reason.

Scientific analysis: During the pregnancy, Baoma was on the fetus because she had more thoughts on the fetus, so taking a needle thread -moving scissors may hurt herself because of inadequate concentration.

4. Pregnant women cannot take clothes, they will have a miscarriage

Scientific analysis: Because the clothes are high, even if you want to stand, there are even tiptoes, so this is indeed a dangerous thing for pregnant women. Once you accidentally fall, it is easy to hurt the fetus.It will also cause miscarriage, so do not climb high during pregnancy. If you are not convenient to dry clothes, please ask other people at home to help.

5. Pregnant women cannot visit the mother who confinement

Pregnant women cannot go to see the maternal without confinement. It is said that it will affect the lack of breast milk of the maternal milk. This is also nonsense.

Scientific analysis: The maternal pain has just experienced the pain of fertility. As a person who comes, it will inevitably render the process of having a child. As a result, it may lead to emotional excitement and affect milk secretion. It also causes pregnant women to be afraid of childbirth.It will cause the production to be unsuccessful.

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