After pregnancy, there are no these three phenomena on the expectant mothers, indicating that the baby is healthy and developed in the stomach.

Moms should also observe their physical changes in time after pregnancy. Many times our body always has some discomfort problems. Some are normal pregnancy reactions, but some may also be due to some of the diseases.The influence, if the mothers do not appear on the underwear during pregnancy, it means that the children’s growth and development are very healthy, and if you are all of you, you can steal it.

1. No dark brown secretions

Many mothers will find that there is a certain dark brown secretion on their underwear during pregnancy, and the color will be deeper and deeper in the future. At this time, the mothers should pay attention. These secretions are very good.It may be the signal issued by the baby baby, which is likely to mean that the baby is dangerous. If the mother does not treat it in time when this situation is discovered, it is likely to affect the child’s health.The problem is to make timely inquiries and conduct the doctor’s entrustment.

2. No colorless secretions

During my mother, I found that there was a secretion that had no color and no smell during my underwear during pregnancy, and the amount was relatively large. The underwear was wet.It is because the mothers’ pants are too tight, or the top is too tight. At this time, mothers can change some relatively loose clothes to play a very good alleviation effect.

3. There is no blood on the underwear

I found that my mother found some secretions on my underwear in the early days of pregnancy, and that the situation was written on behalf of this situation may be normal. This was caused by the velvet of the embryo.When the mother does not need to worry about special worries, if it is often bleeding in the early days of pregnancy, it is likely to be a manifestation of abortion. At this time, mothers must pay attention to timely treatment.So if there is no strabismus on the underwear, you can be happy.

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