After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly button "recesses" and is related to the gender of the fetus?Don’t trust others’ words

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After women are pregnant, most people are curious about the gender of the fetus, and they like to rely on some of their own experience to guess them blindly.

There are always legends in the people, and even everyone joked: "When there is a child, Xiao is happy, and big gambling."

Friends in August, the navel "recessed in", and was waiting for the "lottery" joyfully

Since pregnancy, my friend seems to have changed a person.

She used to be like a "fake boy", ignoring anything, what she wanted to do, Ma Daha.But after pregnancy, she was transformed.She became super careful, and she would consider whether she was eaten and before what she did.

She will search the Internet to search for children’s eyes to look good, how to distinguish the growth of the fetus from various signs of pregnancy, and so on.

Recently, she was curious about the gender of her child.Friends feel that the gender of fetal treasure is like "buying lottery tickets". She wants to know the answer early. This curiosity makes her heart itchy.

She walked on the road and began to pay attention to the old people: "Do you like sour or spicy? The daughter who likes spicy food is spicy."

"Your belly is so sharp, it should be a boy!"

"How do you feel the fetal movement? If it is very noisy, it should be a boy, right!"

But what these elderly people are saying are not scientific, and friends are not going. After all, young people believe in science and are more willing to believe in the real experience of young peers.

Until one day, my friend had eight -month -old belly to take pictures of pregnancy. A professional male photographer joked: "Your belly button has always been" recessed ".Looking at the experience, this child must be a boy. "

Looking at the photographer so determined, my friend was a little tempted: Is it really necessary to prepare the boy’s clothes in advance?

One month later, a friend gave birth to a princess, and the prepared clothes could only be raised as a false boy.

In fact, the "concave in" of the pregnant woman’s navel has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus.

So, what is going on with the navel of pregnant women?There may be these two surprises behind it!

1) Prove that Bao Ma’s skin elasticity is very good

Production is an extremely amazing thing. Imagine a very thin body, and suddenly the stomach starts to grow slowly until it finally becomes a big watermelon, which is a huge test for the skin of pregnant mothers.

This pull is like blowing balloons. If the mother with bad skin, the navel may protrude because the belly grows up.

And those pregnant mothers with a particularly good skin and strong toughness, her belly is not easy to pull too much because the belly becomes bigger, so the navel has always been "concave", and this kind of treasure mother is not easy to grow.Stretch marks.

2) The fetus is entering the basin, ready to come to this new world

When the fetus is almost 9 months, the fetus is basically stable, and the entire position is basically determined. She is waiting for the days when she meets her mother.If you want to give birth naturally, the fetus must be put into the pot first.

When the child enters the basin, it will cause his position to decline, and he will also pull the umbilical cord to "recessed" inside.

If this is the case, congratulations, your baby is already in the basin, and you will come to this beautiful world immediately and meet you.

So no matter what, the treasure mother who is pregnant must congratulate you. You are about to start a very wonderful journey in your life and meet your baby with your baby.

What are the preparations for the Bao Mom to make in advance for the birth of the newborn?

First, materials preparation

Material preparations include two aspects, mainly for the pregnant women themselves and some of the necessary supplies of the newborn. When all supplies are all prepared, they will not be helpless.

1. Newborn materials.

(1) Newborn clothing should prepare a few sets in advance, you can choose "Hundred Family Cloths", or you can buy new clothes yourself.

But no matter which one, you need to clean and expose it to about one or two months in advance to reduce the damage of the chemicals on the clothes to the baby’s weak skin.

(2) The newborn bag is prepared in advance.

According to the changes in the seasons, at least two or more replacements are prepared, and it needs to be used at birth.

(3) Newborn’s bottle and other related spare items, try to choose the harmless materials of the big brand.

2. Maternal supplies.

(1) Prepare the birth package.

It is better to prepare for the first 1-2 months of the due date. It is also necessary to prevent children from being born in advance, so it is best to prepare as soon as possible.

(2) Familiar hospital routes, etc. are familiar.

When you really want to produce, it is likely that at night, you have to think about the route in advance and be familiar with the whole situation, which will help the mother admitted to the hospital smoothly.

(3) Foods with small pieces of energy such as chocolate and other pieces of energy need to be used when giving birth, which can allow mothers to quickly replenish their physical strength.

Second, psychological preparation

1) Maternal can negotiate with the family in advance. Cesarean section is still smooth. Anyway, if you think about the corresponding plan and calmly produce.

2) Related production inspection and medical insurance materials are neatly collected, which is convenient for the obstetrician to the obstetrician as soon as possible. At the same time, they must also prepare enough production funds.

3) Before giving birth, participate in the professional training courses of production to learn about production -related knowledge.

4) Relax, ensure adequate rest, the more you do, the more you do n’t worry too much about anxiety and panic, and you must deal with it scientifically.

While the child is still in the quiet time in the stomach, you can observe your pregnancy, prepare related materials in advance, and wait quietly for the "lottery".

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