After pregnancy, the pregnant mother wants to change these 4 "bad habits", which may lead to the turbid amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid is very important for the fetus. It wraps the fetus to avoid external impact and provide him with nutrition. Therefore, the amount and clearness of amniotic fluid affect the development of the fetus.

But what many Baoma does not know is that some of their own bad habits will cause the quality of amniotic fluid to become lower to a certain extent, hindering the development of the fetus, and seriously cause fetal suffocation.As for what bad habits, pregnant mothers come and see!

Women who are pregnant are inseparable from water. Water can increase metabolism and make the circulation in the body better.For pregnant mothers, amniotic fluid needs enough water to maintain. If the pregnant mother drinks too little water during pregnancy, it will easily lead to insufficient amniotic fluid, which will affect the fetal development and even cause hypoxia in the fetus.

Therefore, after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not reduce drinking water because they are afraid to go to the toilet frequently. Instead, they should increase the amount of drinking water in an appropriate amount to ensure that the amniotic fluid in the uterus is sufficient and ensure the normal development of the fetus.

After the pregnancy period, many pregnant mothers will have a great appetite, and they want to eat everything. Thinking about hot pot, spicy, milk tea day and night. In fact, this kind of uncontrolled or uneven diet will also lead to the turbidal amniotic fluid in the uterus.Essence

Because the nutritional ingredients in amniotic fluid are absorbed from the mother, if the mother is not added, the quality of amniotic fluid will also be affected.

Therefore, after pregnancy, we must pay attention to adjusting their diet. Do not eat junk foods. Eat more nutritious and fresh foods to ensure the quality of amniotic fluid!

For pregnant women, private care is very important, because the body of the pregnant woman during pregnancy becomes fragile, the resistance in all aspects will deteriorate, and bacteria and viruses will easily enter. If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to personal hygiene, it is likely to develop it.Go to gynecological inflammation.

We know that general gynecological inflammation is bacterial infection, and these bacteria are likely to enter amniotic fluid through the uterus, which affects fetal health.

Women are prone to fatigue after pregnancy. If they continue to work or handle housework at this time, they do not get enough rest, which can easily cause over -fatigue.

We know that once people are in a relatively fatigue state, their resistance will be reduced, and they will be prone to illness and infection.

Once the mother is fatigue and ill, the uterine environment will also change, which will affect the quality of amniotic fluid and endanger fetal development.

After pregnancy, any adverse habit of pregnant mothers may affect the fetus, so the pregnant mother must adjust it in time to avoid accidents!

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