After pregnancy, the four "places" of women will become "big", the third husband cannot stand it

Now more and more female friends are afraid of giving birth to children. In addition to the pain and suffering suffered in the process of having a child, there are other concerns, such as the body, which makes many women unbearable.Therefore, many talents do not want to have a baby.Let’s take you to show you what changes will happen to women’s bodies after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, the four places of women will "grow bigger", and many men in the third three men can’t stand it.

There is no doubt that the belly becomes larger, because with the development of the baby, the pregnant woman’s belly will become larger and larger, especially with the increase in the number of pregnancy months, the action will become more and more difficult, and even sleeping will become it.question.As the stomach gradually becomes larger, stretch marks will become more and more serious. Mothers who love beauty will not be able to bear it. Although stretch marks cannot be eliminated, pregnant mothers can increase skin elasticity by massage, eat more fruits and vegetables, etc.Don’t affect your mood because of these changes.

One of the most obvious changes after pregnancy is the bigger breast.Because the estrogen in the body gradually increases after pregnancy, the breasts will develop secondary, the room becomes more swollen, and some cases will have slight pain. These are normal situations. Do not worry about pregnant mothers.After breastfeeding, the chest will slowly restore the original size, but there will be a falling situation. Pay attention to prevention.

Many women have become out of control after pregnancy, which is very bad compared to before. As long as there is something uncomfortable in life, it may be furious, and they will become sensitive and suspicious.The ground was unhappy, so he habitually rushed his husband to lose his temper.Over time, my husband may be unbearable.This situation of pregnant women is also related to hormone secretion. In addition, changes in the body affect emotions, so they can change their temperament.Husbands should be more tolerant and not to quarrel with their wives, otherwise they will affect fetal development.

The woman who is pregnant with a child will become bigger than before, which makes many pregnant women feel very awkward.Why does such a change occur?This is because the baby puts the pelvis after entering the pot, and the force during childbirth will cause the butt and crotch to become larger.Once the butt becomes larger, it is difficult to return to the state of not having a child again. To a certain extent, it will affect the beauty. This change makes many pregnant mothers unbearable.However, pregnant mothers should not be discouraged. Perseverance of postpartum exercise can slowly recover the body. Although it may not be able to return to the state before giving birth, it will be much better than during pregnancy.

These four points are the most obvious changes in female friends after pregnancy. I hope that pregnant women and friends can understand in advance and have a psychological preparation.These changes are experienced by each pregnant mother, some changes are reversible, and some are irreversible. Although we cannot control these changes in the body, we must maintain a positive attitude and slowly conditioning after delivery.

And help mothers also remind men that they must tolerate their wives during pregnancy. Do not blame them, let alone roar them. This is not advisable.

I am a mothers, a senior childcare teacher, a private message "parenting", helping you to answer the trouble on the road with the baby ~

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