After pregnancy, the belly button has also changed, and the reason for "convex" is nothing more than three.

After pregnancy, in addition to the change of the mother’s belly, the day is larger than the day, and the body is accompanied by a lot of changes at the same time.Considering the healthy problem of children, pregnant mothers also pay special attention to their bodies. Once they find different, they will worry about it for a long time, fearing that they will have an impact on their children’s development.

In fact, from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can read more books about pregnancy. When their bodies change, they will not worry too much.

My colleague Xiao Jia suddenly received a call from the house when he was at work. He hurried to leave with the leader and left. Everyone thought something was going on. I wanted to care about it after work.Come back to work.

My colleagues were busy asking what happened to happen, but Xiao Jia cried and laughed and said to us.Xiao Jia’s wife was 28 weeks pregnant. Because she had a threatened abortion when she was pregnant, she had not been at home since pregnancy.

This morning, the wife suddenly found that her belly button was protruding. Considering that the umbilical cord was directly associated with the child, she was worried that she would cause the child to develop, and called Xiao Jia to go to the hospital in a hurry.

The doctor checked and told Xiao Jia and his wife that it was normal. The two had a hurry to have a joke in the morning.

Tightening of the skin

Everyone’s skin condition is different, and some pregnant mothers have better skin elasticity. Although the stomach will be large in the late pregnancy, stretch marks will rarely appear, but some pregnant mothers have a stretch marks early.Causes of skin elasticity.

If the skin’s elasticity is not enough, it will tighten the entire belly, and naturally the belly button will "convex".

Babies’ activities

From 19 weeks of pregnancy, my mother can obviously feel the fetal movement. As the child grows, the space in the mother’s belly will become smaller and smaller.At the third trimester, every child’s fetal movement can see that the mother’s belly moves together. After a while, a bag is bulging on the left, and the right side is protruding again.

In order to provide children with greater activity space, the mother’s belly will work hard, so the navel also changes together.

The physical condition of the pregnant mother

After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother will change a lot. On the one hand, her resistance will be poor. On the other hand, the weight of the fetus, amniotic fluid, and placenta will be pressed on the stomach. It is easy to make the pregnant mother feel tired.

Especially when walking more or doing housework at home, when you do not get a good rest, the pressure of the abdomen will become larger, and the navel will be drummed.If the pregnant mother keeps a good rest and the body is relaxed, the navel will go back.

No matter what kind of situation is caused by the protruding of the navel, it is normal. As long as the pregnant mother does not have abdominal pain, seeing red, etc., there is no need to worry too much.In the middle and late pregnancy, you can understand the child’s safety status in the abdomen by observing the child’s fetal movement condition or detecting the fetal heart.

It is said that mother having children is great. During the pregnancy that looks very relaxed, the mother has to bear too much physical and psychological changes.

Like many pregnant mothers in the third trimester, many pregnant mothers will have the problem of edema. For example, the swelling of the feet cannot wear the original shoes, and the swollen legs are strenuous;The pubic pain will stop until the child is born; it will cause dyspnea in the third trimester. It feels that the breathing frequency will be accelerated no matter how breathing it is.

Therefore, as a family, we must give more support and attention to help pregnant mothers better spend pregnancy during pregnancy.

Topic today: Is your belly button protruding during pregnancy?

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