After pregnancy, suffer from frequent urination?About these 3 days of pregnant women must know correctly

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A few days ago, Xiao Wu complained about 36 weeks of pregnancy. She said that she has been urinating frequently from 2 months of pregnancy, and now it is getting worse.Why do you say it during the day, it really can’t stand it at night.Originally, it was more difficult for pregnant women to fall asleep. She finally slept positively, but was awakened by urine.If you don’t go to the toilet, you’re afraid of bad fetus. If you go to the toilet, you don’t really remember it.I believe that many pregnant women also have such confusion. In fact, in this kind of physiological needs at night, pregnant women should not bear it, otherwise they are not good for themselves and fetuses.

1. Why do urinary frequency phenomenon occur after pregnancy?

Many pregnant women have had frequent urination since the beginning of pregnancy. This is mainly because after pregnancy, the pelvic congestion of the pregnant woman is congested.From the end of pregnancy, with the continuous development of the fetus, the uterus of pregnant women has become increasing.The uterus and bladder are close to the position, so that the uterus will compress the bladder and reduce the urine output of the bladder, which will also cause frequent toilets.At about 36 weeks of pregnancy, the frequent urination will increase after the fetus enters the basin.Some pregnant women may leak urine when they cough or sneeze, which is also a normal reaction.

2. Why can’t pregnant women hold urine?

There are many pregnant women who have urinating due to various reasons, but we don’t recommend doing this.If pregnant women often urinate, they will affect the function of the bladder and may also cause urinary tract infection.And if pregnant women often urinate, the bladder will lose elasticity, and it may eventually lead to the inability to restore the original shape.The uterine becomes larger than the bladder. Conversely, if the bladder becomes larger, it will also reaction to the uterus.Therefore, if pregnant women often urinate, they will also affect the normal development of the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should not urinate.

3. Can urinary frequent urination be relieved during pregnancy?

In fact, as long as pregnant women have some scientific methods, frequent urination can still be relieved.Pregnant women usually drink a small amount when drinking water, do not drink too much at one time.Drink as little water or not to drink as much as possible before going to bed, so that you will not go to the toilet too many times at night.When pregnant women have urine, they must go to the toilet in time, but do not hold it.In addition, pregnant women can also train the function of the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles, which can also achieve the purpose of improving urination.

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Tao Ma said: frequent urination is a symptom that all pregnant women will encounter. Pregnant women should not increase their troubles because of this situation.Remember to add water during pregnancy, you can take some methods mentioned above to relieve frequent urination.The most important point is that you can’t urinate. Have you ever done this?

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