After pregnancy, suck the boss’s second -hand cigarette in the office every day. After the child is born, the mother regrets it.

There is a quasi -dad left a message on the Internet: I spread a strange neighbor on myself, and I had to smoke on the balcony every day. It happened that the building was curved, so the smell of smoke was all drifted into my own home. I usually tan clothes on the balcony.The taste will be left on the clothes, and it has been gone several times, but it is basically no effect.

Before I smelled the smell of smoke, it was closed immediately. Recently, the epidemic was at home, and the neighbors were smoking a lot, and we couldn’t close the door. Just when we met our wife, we went to the property to complain.With, there was no way to call the police.

When the police came, the police said that it was good. In the future, I will notify WeChat in advance in advance. As a result, WeChat is often issued after smoking.The prospective dad is very helpless, and I hope to ask for help on the Internet. I hope netizens can support it.

Unexpectedly, this poor and helpless prospective dad was scolded by a bunch of smokers in the comment area, and the comment area was fell.

Netizen A: The wife at home does not let the smoke at home. Now the wife of the neighbor’s house will not allow smoke. Men smoke and worry about the feelings of the two men.too difficult.

Netizen B: Smoking smoke is a kind of enjoyment and fun. Smoking every day on the balcony is the best time.

Of course, some netizens said that this dad is too worthy of sympathy.

The netizen said: There are neighbors who smoke opposite the house when they are pregnant, and they move decisively.

Second -hand smoke is the smoke smell that others spit out during smoking, which contaminate the surrounding air, and pregnant women breathe these air with smoke, which has long been affected the health of pregnant women.

Occasionally, it may not be a big problem once or twice, but if it is often passively sucking second -hand smoke, it is very unfavorable to the mother and the fetus:

It will increase the incidence of fetal birth defects, or the defects that children do not have, but they are lighter at birth. For example, they are born in 39 weeks but weigh less than 5 pounds, or they are prone to abortion.

In short, the chance of a fetus can be healthy will be greatly reduced.

After pregnancy, suck the boss’s second -hand cigarette in the office every day. After the child is born, the mother regrets it.

Zhang Xia is doing finance in a small company, and the desk is outside the boss’s door, with other colleagues in a large office with other colleagues.The boss is also an old smoker. He often gathered with several male colleagues to smoke, and opened the door directly when he opened the door in the small office. When the client came, he also smoked while chatting.

It was okay when I was not pregnant, but then Zhang Xia was pregnant. The boss still made me. Zhang Xia thought he was resigning, but he wanted to provide a car and a house.It costs higher after pregnancy.

I can only continue to work and keep psychologically hinting for themselves. In the past, some women were smoking when they were pregnant. Children were not the same healthy, so they should not be a problem.

But in the end, the child gave birth to Zhang Xia.The child born 39+5 is only 4.3 pounds. After birth, it is said that lung development is not very good, so a bit of respiratory tract infection. After birth, he has been living in the family of freshmen for 20 days. The daily cost is more than four digits.

After the child was discharged from the hospital, Zhang Xia spent 2,000 yuan. The medical insurance was reimbursed. He only issued 200 yuan, but the child spent nearly 30,000 yuan, and the medical insurance was not reimbursed.It was not enough to hollowing out all the old primers of Zhang Xia and her husband, and borrowed some money from the elderly at home.

Zhang Xia wants to have a good body and body, and pays great attention to the body after pregnancy. The child’s birth weight is not the most likely to be caused by his long -term sucking second -hand smoke. He blame himself to make money and harm your child.The pregnancy and maternity leave, which is 12 months a year, will make more than 30,000 yuan a year.

And if you go back to other people, there are hundreds of dollars a month, which will easily and will not affect the health of the child.I blame myself in lack of understanding of second -hand cigarettes.

The effect of passive smoking on the fetus during pregnancy is far -reaching, and it will even affect the child’s birth

Children who passively sucking second -hand cigarettes during the fetal period are more likely to suffer from asthma allergies, infections such as lung and ear infection, and other respiratory tract infections.

There are pregnant women and children in the family. Not only are pregnant women who cannot smoke, but people in the family should not smoke. It is best to quit smoking. It is not possible to quit smoking as much as possible in public places to avoid affecting the health of pregnant women.

China can be said to be the largest cigarette producer and consumer in the world. The number of smokers accounts for 30%of the world’s smokers. Among them, female smoking people reached 2.4%. Now women are shining on the workplace, and women’s pressure is even greater.To make a baby or make money.As a result, the smoking rate of young women has risen frequently in the past five years.

But if you want to get pregnant, please quit smoking three months in advance. Note that it is completely quit smoking rather than reducing the amount of smoking.Nicotine in women’s body for three months will basically consume light.

Smoking is extremely harmful for women who want to get pregnant:

1. For my mother

If you want to be pregnant, some studies have found that smoking women will be longer, because smoking will also hurt women’s reproductive systems.

If you are pregnant, you can’t keep it. In the early stages of pregnancy, the abortion rate of women’s smoking will rise.

In the middle of pregnancy, the risk of pre -placental placenta in pregnant women will be higher.

In the late pregnancy, the risk of premature fetal membrane will also increase.

2. For the fetus

There are a total of 2,500 chemicals in cigarettes, which will greatly increase the occurrence of birth defects. During fetal development, nicotine in cigarettes will cause rabbit lips, abdominal locks, heart deformities, multiple refers to malformations, dysplasia of kidney development, etc.Essence

3. After the child is born

Smoking will reduce the amount of breast milk, and smoking and breastfeeding will affect the child’s sleep, and children will have more risk of type 2 diabetes in the future.

Written at the end:

Smoking is harmful to health, hurts pregnant women, and harms children. Please think twice.

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