After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother’s belly button is "concave", then congratulations, you will be very happy

Women’s pregnancy is a major event that needs enough attention. In addition to cautiously and balanced diet during pregnancy, women should also pay attention to some changes in their bodies.The most obvious change in pregnancy is that the belly gradually becomes larger, but there is a small place that most people will not notice, that is, the change of the navel.The concave and convex of the navel indicate different physical conditions at this stage, and hope that women can understand.Especially if the navel of the pregnant mother has always been recessed during pregnancy, then congratulations, because this represents that the pregnant mother will be very happy.

The first is that when I was pregnant, the baby was very small, so the body was not very pregnant. At this time, the woman’s belly button was still in a state of recess.And when the month of pregnancy gradually increases, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger and bigger. This is because the baby needs more space when it grows, so it gives a certain pressure on the belly.At this time, some pregnant mothers will also protrude by the baby’s navel. This situation may often be accompanied by some pain, but it will not last too long. The pregnant mothers can endure this period.The phenomenon.

The second is that the skin of some pregnant mothers is very tight, but there will be a problem.That is, with the continuous development of the baby, the stretching elasticity of the pregnant mother’s belly is likely to not be able to keep up with the speed.At this time, in order to provide enough space for the baby, the pregnant mother will spontaneously protruding from the navel.And those pregnant mothers with relatively loose skin will occupy some advantages at this time. Their belly has a large tension and has enough elasticity to deal with when the belly becomes larger. Therefore, the navel will not be pushed out.It can always be kept in the original recessed.

The third is that some women still can’t get idle even during pregnancy, and continue to handle many housework, so they do not get a lot of rest time.Especially when the third trimester is close to childbirth, if the pregnant mother has been so tired, it is easy to cause the baby’s dissatisfaction in the stomach.The baby’s unhappiness will also be reflected through the changes of the navel. The navel of some pregnant mothers protrudes, which means that the baby protests inside.Therefore, pregnant mothers must be careful when they find this situation. They must not be too tired, and pay more attention to rest.

I have to say that a small navel shape can also explain many situations.After reading the above points, if women can keep the belly button recessed throughout the pregnancy cycle, it is very happy.

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