After pregnancy, can you endure men and women?

To be honest, as long as you are pregnant, everyone has a strong curiosity about men or women.Not only the pregnant woman and their family, but even the relatives and friends around them, they will ask if they meet, did they check it?Is it a man or a woman?

This is human being. Whether it is yourself or the people around you, you will want to know whether the baby in the belly is a boy or a girl.

In fact, the earliest 12 weeks of pregnancy, that is, can be found to be male or female through blood drawing for almost 3 months. If you want to find that it is a male or female through the B-ultrasound, it takes at least 16-20 weeks (that is, 4- 4-About 5 months).

Of course, the most accurate result is definitely the result of blood drawing, and the B -ultrasound will have a certain error.But check men and women in my country are not allowed.However, people still have many ways to find out men and women.

However, does anyone can bear not to check until they are born?

When I was a child, I was so curious that I couldn’t help but check it. As a result, the boy was indeed accurate.

I believe that many people will check men and women when they are born. After all, the first time I am pregnant, I already feel very magical. A baby is in his own belly. That is even more about male and female treasures.

And after knowing men and women, we are also convenient for us to prepare clothes, quilts, and even the color and style of children’s room.

But after I was pregnant with my second child, although I also wanted to know that it was a male or female, but when I was not one child, I was strong.The second child is within the plan. My husband and I intend to need only two children. Regardless of whether the second child is male or female, this time we decided not to check before life, but to reveal the answer when the last birth.

Because the boss is a boy, based on the tremendous pressure of raising children, especially when I think that the boy will prepare a house, car, color gift, etc. in the future, my husband sometimes teases, is it surprising or scared when he is born?If it is a boy, will I cry? (I saw that someone cried directly because both of them were boys on the Internet).

However, my husband and I have been prepared. Regardless of the two children, there are two children in men and women. In the future, I spend more time, more patience when raising children, and raising children.There is no worry about life.

My husband and I also struggle step by step with my own efforts, and step by step in operating our lives.As long as you feel satisfied and happy, that is the life you want, you don’t have to use the economy to measure whether a person is happy!

Therefore, it is not so important to have a boy and a girl, and the important thing is the mentality of treating this incident!

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