After pregnancy, although the husband is so happy like this, the development of the fetus will be affected

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For every family, Huaibao is a great event worth celebrating.It is said that during pregnancy is the happiest time when women are the happiest, they are spoiled and given by all members of the family. Everything has the priority, especially the husband is a word of obedience. In the middle of the night, the pregnant mother wants to eat some kinds of food.Just ran out to buy.

However, everything must be grasped in everything. During pregnancy, her husband is too spoiled in these things. Although the pregnant mother’s heart is sweet, the fetus will be hurt.

1. Let the pregnant mother eat too much nutrition

During pregnancy, "one person eats and two people make up". Only when pregnant women take enough nutrition daily, can we ensure the normal development of the fetus and harvest a smart and healthy baby.However, if the husband pauses for pregnant mothers, and even eats various nutrients every day, it will lead to excess nutrition and heavy weight of pregnant mothers, which will cause the fetus to be too large and increase the risk of dystocia.

2. Let pregnant mothers rest for a long time to rest

When his wife was pregnant, some men turned on the patriarchal mode, which not only took all the household chores in the family, but also always let the pregnant mother lie in bed to rest, and they couldn’t wait to lie on the bed to solve them.However, long -term bed rest and lack of exercise will not only reduce the immunity of pregnant women, but also increase the risk of fetal incorrectness.The development of fetal brain and muscles will also be affected to varying degrees.

3. Promise the wayward requirements of pregnant mothers

For example, buy a lot of desserts and small cakes for pregnant mothers, and bring pregnant mothers to watch stimulating 3D movies. When pregnant mothers want to eat garbage food, they are spoiled and allowed to allow pregnant mothers to play computer games, stay up late to chase drama and so on.During pregnancy, when his wife put forward some wayward requirements, the wife’s husband’s husband could not help but coquettishly compromised. Although she satisfied the pregnant mother, she would hurt the fetus.

4. Holding the pregnant mother to circle the circle

Many women particularly like to be hugged by her husband’s feelings, but they still converge during pregnancy.In the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant women will have different degrees of leg edema. When the husband holds the circle, it is easy to be edema because of his feet. When he stops, standing unstable and falling into his feet or falling.And when you pick up the circle, it will be pressed to the abdomen, which may cause abdominal pain.


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