After pregnancy, "Aunt Auntie"?Prepare pregnancy before the menstrual period, do not rush to be happy

Usually, after pregnancy, we may have an early pregnancy response such as dizziness, nausea vomiting and other diseases to create itself. The same may be that it may accept whether it is pregnant after menstruation.After the next menstrual period, if you do n’t come to “Auntie”, you will go back to check whether you are pregnant. Can you test your pregnancy before menstruation?Sister Gu Yue is also very strange, let’s appreciate it together!

Can pregnancy be measured before menstruation?

In fact, it is possible, but the accuracy may be affected. This may also be impactful because of the constitution of each personal constitution and the period of menstruation and the time of detailed conception.And if your menstrual cycle is normal and just in the same room during ovulation, then some people with active response can actually be detected after 7 days of conception.That is, you may be detected before your normal menstruation, but the effectiveness of the need to be cut is still to determine whether you are really pregnant by blood HCG, ultrasound testing or discontinuation of menstruation.

Do you still come to aunt after pregnancy?

Preparing for pregnancy couples should pay attention to, maybe menstruation is still coming after you test your pregnancy, which is often said by the masters, that is, it is empty joy!I have a partner that my urine test is positive after one month of discontinuation and is 0.3, the blood HCG is 7.8 and there is no one in the palace inside the palace.This situation may actually be a biochemical pregnancy.Before menstruation, I was pregnant, but because of unknown reasons, it may stop naturally, and then flowed out with menstruation. Although this may not be very dangerous to pregnant mothers, the pregnant mother still wantsStop the physical examination, and press again to appear again.

Many people may not know that they are pregnant, and when they are not created, they have flowed out with menstruation, and the incidence of this situation is 50%to 60%, so it is still very high.The reason for the reasons to deal with biochemical pregnancy is not very clear to this day. It may be related to the hydrocariax immune function of estrogen in the pregnant mother’s body, but some literature said that it may have a lot to do with the embryo itself.

But pregnant mothers usually do not need to worry about it, which will not affect re -conception, so they do not worry about too much worry.And there is no cut -the -way preparation of the preparation of the preparation only needs targeted healing.Therefore, a lot of pregnant mothers may still have menstruation after pregnancy before menstruation. However, there are no big problems that do not have any big problems.

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