After pinching my nose, my nose became taller, my nose became larger?Nonsense


Can you make your nose tall and big?

Recently, I do n’t know who everyone said, saying that often pinching my nose can make my nose taller and big. I tell everyone clearly that this is nonsense.Frequent pinching nose, not only does not straighten the nose bridge, but also does not make the nose higher. The growth process of our own regularity.The epidermis and subcutaneous tissue cause damage.

Frequently touching the nose with your hands will not only make the bridge of the nose higher, but also cause damage to the nose. The nasal swelling may occur, or the nasal mucosa may cause infection.Many bacteria breeding. Once the bacteria are pinched frequently, it is easy to enter the nasal cavity to produce bacterial infections, leading to chronic inflammatory symptoms.Therefore, everyone cannot be concluded based on such non -laser rumors.

Can you make your nose tall and big?

There may be many damage to the nose when pinching the nose often, such as hindering the blood circulation of the nose. There are many pores in the nose. Therefore, the bacteria on the nose will be blocked by the bacteria on the hand, so the toxin will accumulate into the pores to prevent us from detoxifying.The most common hazards may frequently symptoms of acne and blackheads.

The bad habit of squeezing the nose often not only does not make the bridge of the nose, but also may cause the nose to depressed. The movement of frequent noses is one of the most common factor in the nose depression.Secondly, the bacteria on the hand will frequently contact the nose and enter the nasal cavity to cause damage to the nasal mucosa, which can cause chronic rhinitis. At the same time, acute symptoms may occur, and it may also be an important fuse that causes the nasal septum.

Can you make your nose tall and big?

We should do not pinch the nose frequently as much as possible to prevent bacterial germs from infection, but also stay away from the occurrence of allergic rhinitis away from allergic sources. At the same time, we must pay attention to the common pollen, mites in the house, pet dandruff, and feathers.In order to resist and prevent various otolaryngomy diseases, we can supplement the diverse and vitamins needed by the body and protein.We should drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and do not eat too much cold or spicy food and spicy food.Avoiding moderate activities on the basis of avoiding excessive fatigue, enhancing immune function is continuous maintenance, and it is also a necessary measure to prevent various diseases.

Can you make your nose tall and big?

Don’t want your children to be stared at by rhinitis. Pay attention to these things everyday

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