After Lixia, these three kinds of fruits are not recommended to eat, and the owner of the fruit shop will not eat it!

Hello everyone, welcome to the gourmet lattice.

In a few days, it is coming to the Dragon Boat Festival. There are three kinds of fruits before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. It is best not to buy it.Just follow me to find out which three fruits are.

The first fruit is the fruit that does not meet the current season.

Now we can go to the fruit shop to pick a lot of fruits. Bananas, apples, pears, pineapples, mango, grapefruit, orange, etc. Some fruits are in line with this season, and some are not in line.For example, this kind of pineapple in my hand is now because of the season, so even if many pineapples look good on the surface, yellow cores and rotten cores have appeared after cutting.Similarly, there are apples, pears, citrus fruits, and fruits like mango. Most of the maturity time is in the fall of each year.And now, all you can buy is lying in the cold storage for more than half a year. Such fruits not only have a lot of water loss, but also a lot of nutritional loss. The most important thing is that many fruits are already yellow.Slowly rotten and deteriorate. After such fruits are eaten, not only can there be no way to bring the nutrients required for the body, but there will be some disadvantages. This kind of rotten and deterioral fruit has produced toxins.Detoxification organs will be aggravated.

These are the problems that happened in the cold storage that have been lying for a long time, and there are some hands and feet made by merchants because they are willing to let these fruits go public in advance.When the fruit is not completely mature, what do you generally do if you want fruit to sell a good price early?Many businesses will directly urge the fruits, or make some cooked prime.

Whether it is cooked or hormone.After eating such fruits, it is not good for our bodies.

In the anti -season, the price is also very expensive, so it is recommended that you eat the season, do not eat or eat the fruits of the season. This will not only be good for your body, but also good for your wallet.

The second kind of fruits that are not suitable for eating before and after the Dragon Boat Festival are the fruits that we can often see on the side of the road or near the school.

Now before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature has gradually risen, and the temperature during the day is already above 30 degrees. Even at night, there are already 267 degrees. In this seasonSugar, with high humidity, the speed of deterioration is particularly fast.And many fruit fishing shops, its fruits are not placed in the refrigerator or cold cabinet, they are all placed in the open air. Only a gauze net is covered on it. The temperature is relatively high and the humidity is relatively large., And cover it with the gauze, it is inevitable that there will be some dust and impurities from the gap of the net to the fruit, and this kind of fruit fish shop is two or three spoons to bite all the fruits.Mixing with each other will also affect the quality of the fruit. The fruit is exposed to the air in this way, and it will be oxidized soon. It will start to deteriorate slowly in two or three hours and the odor will appear.

Therefore, it is recommended that friends in the summer and when the weather is hot, do not choose this outdoor open -air fruit. If you want to eat fruit, you should buy it from the fruit shop as much as possible. After returning home, wash it.

But when it comes to this fruit, or go to the supermarket to buy fruit, there is also a kind of fruit. It is not recommended that you buy it, that is, the fruit shop or the supermarket has been cut into a small piece and sealed in the box.This kind of fruits that have been peeled and peeled seeds will be cheaper than those fruits with skin. Why?The main reason is that most of these fruits have begun to rot and deteriorate. Merchants will cut those rotten and deteriorated places. The remaining fruits are incomplete.A cling film is sealed in the box, and it can’t be seen at all.

This is made by spoiled fruits. Many merchants or supermarkets and the like will also make two or three fruits into a fruit platter together. This kind of fruit platter uses some deterioration, or from deterioration.Those better fruits cut on the fruits.Although the price is very cheap, it is still not recommended to eat it, after all, it will be lost if you eat badly.

The other is the half of the watermelon cut on the fruits. Such watermelon is generally seal and seal the plastic wrap and sell it half directly. If you look at the watermelon that the merchant is cut, this is okay.For a long time, try not to buy such watermelons.After the watermelon is cut into the plastic wrap or the air, in the process of contacting the knife, it will be more or less contacting some bacteria and microorganisms. Because the humidity and temperature are relatively high, this kind of watermelon is also easy to deteriorate. It is recommended to friends. Friends are recommendedIf they buy, try to buy the entire watermelon. Do not use a knife to directly contact the flesh when cutting. After cutting the watermelon skin gently for a week, gently use the blade to let the watermelon collapse. In this wayThe wrapped meat does not touch the knife, does not touch the dirt, and the shelf life will be longer.After covering the plastic wrap, put it in the refrigerator room in the refrigerator, and eat it within a day.

The third kind of fruits that do not buy are some strange fruits in the scenic area. I used to be fooled in the scenic area before.There is a very beautiful fruit in the scenic area called Jinximei. It tastes sour and not delicious at all, but when I buy it, it looks really beautiful. There are three types of red, yellow, and green. The green is pure.The sour taste basically has no other taste, but the red and yellow but sweet abnormality, like being soaked by sugar, and even it cannot be called fruit, but should be called honey.Ordinary plums will become brilliant Jinxi plum through the foaming of sugar germinated pigments.And the price of such fruits is generally high, usually about 20 yuan a pound, and because it is really super high in it, it also achieves the shelf life.Sell.

In addition to the colorful Jinxinmei, there is also one, that is, plus fruit or black plum. The general prices of these two fruits are relatively high, and the taste is also particularly good.But many people will use black skin to replace these fruits. After cutting the black skin one by one, apply some edible oil, and then put it in the water to let the white frost on the surface of the black body take off.For oil, it will appear particularly oily and dark.

Use it to serve as a Canadian fruit or black, and it can be seen in many ancient towns in the south. Many friends are too properly like me and deceived. ThereforeBright eyes.Or you can stay away from the scenic area, go near the hotel where you live, or go to the city, go to the local fruit shops and vegetable markets, there are not only fresh fruits, the price is more affordable, and it will not let you let you let you make youDooled to be deceived.

Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Children who go to school have also reached the summer vacation. Many friends will have some travel plans. For example, go to the mountains to see the scenery, go to the canyon to rinse, and go to the sea to play with water.Therefore, in addition to paying attention to personal safety when traveling, you must pay attention to diet safety.

Well, the above is the three fruits that do not eat before and after the Dragon Boat Festival. I hope that it can bring some help to your life. Do n’t forget to like it and pay attention to your reading. Thank you for your reading. We see you next time.

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