After knowing that his wife was pregnant, her husband’s first reaction made netizens transform into lemon essence!Gao Tian cautiously enters

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When you know that the new life is about to be born, you have to be a mother and mother, and you must be particularly excited.

But the response of her husband sometimes disgusted as a wife. It feels like her husband seems to turn on a strange switch, and his wife will re -know her husband.

When my husband knows that his wife is pregnant, what does the response look like?See if there is one of the silly husband of his own family:

1. I do not know the type

Wife is pregnant, no matter whether it is preparing for pregnancy or not, this news is a deep water bomb.

Some husbands were fried, and they were overwhelmed, and they could even be nonsense.

Looking at the descriptions of these Baoma, I can feel how exciting her husband is:

I’m going to be a father, the car is a big deal, haha

Eh?It turns out that "Xidang Dad" means that!It seems that I wanted to be crooked before, and the face of the face was over …

2. Calm and fading

Some Bao dads were particularly calm when they knew that they wanted to be a dad.

Calmly until Bao Ma thought that her husband didn’t hear the news, but was he really calm?Just look at the follow -up behavior. He is more excited and excited than anyone else!

Just don’t say it.

Probably thinking: I have to be stable, stable, and stable. I can’t let others see me dancing, emotionally out of control, and shame!

This is really impressive, not much to say, everything is done properly!

Hey, you arranged.

Where is it wrong?But think about it, it seems to be like this …

Leave a peaceful performance, leave the performance of excitement to colleagues, and let colleagues guess!

3. Crying and crying

Thinking that I will be on this new life in the future, I can no longer play games, can no longer be indifferent to life, and I have to work hard to support my children.Don’t cry at this time!

When dad, you should make milk powder for your child!

A mother -in -law said that when she told her husband that she was pregnant, her husband suddenly scolded a swear words.Saying your good days.

After that, I started to do the coolest and most tired job of the company: market expansion group.Do the work of making new stores, high prizes, and tired work.

After 5 years, I saved enough money to rest assured that I was a shop manager who was not so tired and could accompany his wife and children.

My wife was pregnant with her second child, and I dared not tell my husband …

As a result, her husband still knew that in front of the family, he cried, and his family thought he was crying happily.Only Bao Ma knew that he was really sad!

These dad’s response is really funny.When you look at it, you can’t help but smile, and you can’t help but want to like it and leave a blessing.

We all yearn for beauty, and the birth of children is a wonderful thing.

However, bad things have to be said.

If you have no plans to get married, you must prepare for pregnancy whether boys or girls.

If you accidentally have a child, you have no ability to leave the child, nor do you plan to leave the child, the appearance of this child is definitely a very painful thing.

A girl said that when she told her boyfriend about her pregnancy, the boy was particularly happy, and then told his family to get married.

As a result, the boy’s mother said to the girl: You are born, and I will not bring you a child when you give birth. This should be said in advance.When you get married, I will give you 10,000 to take care of your children.But you have to know, I don’t want my son to be difficult to do, so I agree with you …

The girl’s face was pale, and she went to the toilet with an excuse.

As a result, the boyfriend accused the girl at night: Why do you be my elder face and show my mother’s face!Your behavior is too much …

Fortunately, the girl did not want a child in the end, and broke up.

A paragraph I saw on the Internet, I felt particularly reasonable, show all the girls:

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