After giving birth to a baby’s menstruation, it means that it is easy to get pregnant, and you don’t want a second child to pay special attention.

Recently, a mother in the Bao Ma group complained that she had not been born for a long time, but she was pregnant with a second child. I never considered the second child with the child.When feeding, you can contraceptive, and you have menstruation after confinement. It does n’t have much influence, but it ’s unfortunately. My husband is on a business trip in the field.There is no way, now there is still a big belly to take care of the big treasures who are just born. Don’t mention how hard you have lived now. Another Baoma said that this is the same.After the confinement came out, when the menstruation came, when the safety period, when I was in the same room with my husband, there was a second child.After a while of cultivation, let’s talk about it. I did not expect that the heels were so tight, and it was difficult for Bao Ma to accept it for a while.In fact, in general, for those Baoma who just came out of confinement, it is easy to say that it is easy to get pregnant.Safety measures must be taken during the same room after delivery.Then, why is it easier for pregnant mothers to have a routine vacation when they are out of confinement?

Generally speaking, after giving birth to a babies, they come to the holiday after the confinement is out, which shows that the mother recovered well during the confinement, and the function of the uterus and ovaries has basically recovered.Early, to a certain extent, it shows that Baoma’s uterus and ovaries themselves are better, and the level of hormone levels in the body basically returns to normal values. So for women with better uterus and ovaries, it is naturally easier to conceive.Essence

At this time, some Baoma might ask. After I gave birth to a child, I did not come to the holiday after confinement, indicating that my body recovered badly?In fact, it is not. Because each Baoma has different constitutions, then the time for the holiday is also different. You must know that the recovery period of menstruation is also affected by the uterus and ovaries.If breastfeeding after delivery, the secretion of milk will also affect the secretion of estrogen in the body, and some Baoma will not have menstruation after half a year or even a year after giving birth. This is normal, which does not mean that menstruation comes.The late indicates that the body is not good, and it is mainly determined by the impact of hormones in the body.

Why do you still get pregnant during breastfeeding?

Pregnant mothers need to know that the condition of pregnancy is not menstruation, but is closely related to ovulation. Menstruation can usually only be used as a reference for the ovulation period. Usually, in the case of menstruation regularly, then about 14 days before menstruation is the ovulation period.Therefore, for the postpartum Baoma, ovulation is restored before menstruation, not to mention that no menstruation does not mean that there is no egg excretion, so there will be no menstruation but pregnancy.This is how the prepared second childboy mother came here, so if Baoma does not want the second child after giving birth to Dabao, you must pay attention to safety measures. Whether there is no menstruation or not, you must pay special attention to this aspect.Essence

In fact, for Baoma who is easy to conceal, if you do n’t want to be fast or prematurely if you have a big treasure, then the contraceptive measures must be performed in the same room after childbirth, otherwise it will not only hurtIt is yourself who is suffering at the same time, so what about you?How long do you have menstruation after you have a child?

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