After giving birth, is the upper ring contraception?Experience Bao Ma tells you!

After liberalizing the national second child policy, whether the mother who gave birth to a child needs to be on the ring without a hard requirement. Do you need to be on the ring? If you want to go to the ring, you depend on your own wishes.Unlike the family planning era, someone urged you every day if you do n’t go to Sheung Wan, and you are still trying to punish you.

The upper ring we usually say is the abbreviation of the birth ring, also known as the contraceptive ring.As an economical, valid and reversible contraceptive measures, Shanghuan is still commonly used in children with childbearing age.

For female friends who have no fertility in the short term after giving birth, doctors generally recommend that you go to the ring.But what needs to be understood is that Shehuan is not as safe as promotion, it is still a bit risky.

I am an example.At that time, I didn’t know much about the contraceptive ring, and the family planning was tight.After three months after I gave birth, I went to the hospital to go to the ring.I remember that I went three to five days after menstruation, because the doctor explained that the endometrium of women at this time was softer. Choose to go to the Sheung Wan at this time to reduce the harm to the body as much as possible, so I am meJust listened to the doctor’s words and chose to go to the ring at this time.

Doctors can not live a husband and wife life within 3-7 days after the upper ring, and they can be easily done for this.But since I went to the ring, I felt that I had a lot of back pain and back pain, and my lower abdomen seemed to be as painful as falling. It was also accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage. Fortunately, it was not serious.Doctors say it is normal. Generally, the symptoms will disappear in about a week.But these symptoms have been maintained for more than 20 days, which is more uncomfortable.After that, I felt that menstruation became not so regular. Was it around for about a week, which is easy to infect inflammation.

Fortunately, after a few years, the ring was smooth. Although the ring was a bit painful. Although it had been bleeding for several days, it was a safe picking through the nourishment and drove the "alien" in that body.

I have a neighbor. She still endured the symptoms of the Shekuan, but she was pregnant again after she was three months later.I went to the hospital for an examination and said that her contraceptive ring was crooked, so she was pregnant again after she went to the ring.At that time, the family planning was relatively strict. She was pregnant with a second child and couldn’t have a child, so she had to be a crowd. Is it very tragic?It is said that there is still a certain percentage of pregnancy after the upper ring.

My other female friend may be more sensitive to her body. After she on -board her, she has been suffering from minor illnesses and small pain, and her health is not too much.However, at that time, the ring could not be taken at random at that time. After three years, she felt that her vaginal bleeding was a bit serious, there were many leucorrhea, and she was accompanied by symptoms such as stomach pain.I went to the hospital for examination and found that her ring had grown into the meat, but it was startled.Because of her physical discomfort, she heard that she was more painful at that time, and she was similar to an operation.

There is also a woman she knows. She is not serious after she goes on the ring, but about half a year of Sheung Wan. When she was in the same room with her husband, the contraceptive ring ran out.Friends jokingly said that the strength of their two couples was so good that "exercise" was too inspiring.She flushed her face and felt very speechless.

Of course, since the contraceptive ring is widely promoted and used, it proves that the safety factor is definitely greater than N times than the risk factor.But whether women who are suitable for childbearing age are suitable for the rings, they still have to go to the hospital for examination according to their physical fitness!For the mother who determines the upper ring, it is generally recommended that the love mother ring is relatively good.In fact, there are many ways to contraception, and I feel that the damage to the use of condoms is relatively small.For couples who decide not to have children, it is recommended that men to ligate better.Compared to women’s ligation, male ligation surgery is simple and less damaged.

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