After divorcing his ex -husband, you don’t want to remarry

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I live in a third -tier city in the northern tier. Five years ago, I had a failed marriage.

My husband and I are college classmates. During the college, we met and fell in love. After joining the work, we got married. In the eyes of our colleagues and colleagues, we were born with a pair.There is a boy at home, the marriage is plain, and my husband and I have been embarrassed. My naive life after marriage is like this!

When the child was more than one year old, I accidentally opened Alibaba Cloud to watch TV series. At that time, Alibaba Cloud Plate was an account that binds her husband, and the mobile phone album video backup was updated by default.There were many chat screenshots with a ktv female waiter, and there were even unbearable passion videos. My husband called in the living room at the time. I was in the bedroom.The more I collapsed, from the time of the album and video, he and KTV girls met when I was pregnant. In the future, they dated frequently. What is unreasonable is that they also met madly during the birth of my child.Visible.

My brain is chaotic, how can this, how can this, I ask myself!I was there, everything in the world was still, and I never thought he would do these dirty things.

My husband and I have been in love since college. I am his first love. He chased me for about three years. During this period, other students pursued me. In the endThe first kiss was given to him, and my first time I gave him. My thoughts were as chaotic as a paste. I thought of him before and thought of his trust in him. Naive thought he also trusted me and loyalty.The sixth sense of the sixth is all deceiving, but I did not even respond to my husband’s derailment for so long.

I didn’t know what to do. At this time, he walked in, and I was inexplicable at a loss.When he saw my face wrong, he went to see the computer. He stunned and looked at me without talking. In the impression, the two of us were silent for about five or six minutes. He lowered his head and asked me, can I explain it?

I nodded in my mechanical, and today I don’t remember what he said. In the future, I have remembered every word he said in the future.After he said, I said, you go back to your hometown and go to your parents for a few days. We are calm and calm.

He grabbed my clothes and wanted to explain.I saw the expectations of expectations, turned to see the bedroom we once hugged and slept, thinking about the mad videos of him and the female waiter, and suddenly felt vomiting."

That night I was hard to sleep. From the beginning of the library we met, we added WeChat to each other, and later he pursued me crazy. When he got married, he vowed, and it was automatically played in the night like a movie.Vaguely, I rub my eyes with my hands, wipe my tears and tell myself, I must divorce, the child belongs to me, and I will not cry in the future.

The next morning, I went to work as usual. I wanted to use my work to comfort himself and work desperately. Three days later, he took his parents to the house. I was making dinner and smelled it. The two old people cried and kneeled down.Looking at me, I quickly helped the old man. I think I should be moved. I am afraid that I will go to the kitchen for cooking. The fume in the kitchen is filled.The sound is particularly loud.

From falling in love to now, I have hesitated for six years, but as long as I close my eyes, my head is a picture of him and the female waiter crazy, and I really can’t stand it.My girlfriend told me to betray only zero and countless times.I don’t understand, how can he do this?Sleeping for more than 20 days, we have completed the divorce procedures three days after the Dragon Boat Festival.The house belongs to my car and belongs to him, and the deposit belongs to me. He said to the child. After signing the divorce procedure, he insisted on driving to send me. On the way, I did not say a word with him. When I was sleeping at nightSend me a text message:

"Sorry, I’m particularly sorry! I will correct it. If you remarry, you want to give me a chance, take care."

After five years of divorce, each of them is well, no intersection.It’s just a stranger, and you can understand it if you are not interested in.My girlfriend repeatedly persuaded me to start a relationship again!I often think, how good the feelings have experienced betrayal, now I am scared!Unwilling to experience another betrayal, a person with a child, working hard to live, although it is hard, it is also good!

Come on, the future is expected!

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