After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, should I ask for a compound?

Chaolu and her boyfriend are colleagues in the unit. The two of them were together shortly after they knew each other. At first, they were quite sweet.

Although my boyfriend has entertainment every night, he will still find time.

But after spend a few months, she couldn’t stand her boyfriend go out to drink every night, without the private space of two people.

So she often quarreled for some small things. She asked her boyfriend to accompany herself, but her boyfriend thought she was annoying and felt that she was bound.

If you can’t stand it, the boyfriend proposes to break up.But less than ten days of breakup, Chaolu found that he was pregnant.

She was panicked for a while and didn’t know what to do?Do you want to go back to find your boyfriend to reunite?

After breaking up, it was really a matter of tangling.It depends on whether there is feelings between the two.

Emotion is an opportunity to reconcile.

If this relationship is originally there, there are no essential problems, such as derailment, domestic violence, despair of each other, and things that cannot be solved.

If two people still love each other, they break up because of some misunderstandings, then pregnancy can become an opportunity to communicate again.

I often see a lot of couples. I broke up because of pregnancy and chose to marry Fengzi.

No feelings are not recommended.

If a man no longer loves you, and even speaks your words seriously, he will not choose to reunite because you are pregnant, and be responsible for you.

In this case, no matter what you want to reunite, don’t take your pregnancy.

Because the two people who don’t love, no matter how strong they are, are just torture each other.

Do you have to tell the other party about the pregnancy?

This is still necessary to talk to the other party.No matter what he will choose, as a biological father, he still wants to know.

Let’s take a look at the attitude of the other party first, no matter how you decide in the end, or not, it is best to have a negotiation.

On the one hand, someone else shares this accident; second, you can better know if you want to leave this baby.

What if the man is determined not to be a child?

If your ability can’t raise the child alone, his boyfriend is firm, so you have to choose to flow off.

Rather than letting children come to the world to suffer, it is better to minimize the harm.This is good for anyone.

Find a reliable public hospital to raise your body and emotional things, just don’t want to, just let it go.

Can I still have a good marriage after abortion?

Whether a person can have a good marriage is influenced by many factors.

Samuel said: "A successful marriage depends on two people, and one person can fail."

Whether you live well, you can have happiness, the key depends on your own state.Good state, naturally have energy to deal with various things.

When people always look at it, although in emotion, they may meet people wrong, and they may always lose a lot in a relationship;

But not to give up the reason for the pursuit, let alone stop the pace or feel inferior.

Each experience, regardless of joy or sadness, is its own experience, and is part of enriching their lives.

Accept this part, let yourself find a comfortable way to get along in the experience, and make yourself more calm.

Like trees, it is a solid ground, standing between heaven and earth, not humble.

Stay away from those who consume you and get close to nourishing you.


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