After a year of ligation, the wife became pregnant!The truth was … the court was sentenced!


The Court of Xiamen Ludi District, Fujian was released together

Disputes of medical damage liability

A couple are not satisfied with the effect of the opponent

At the same time, I believe that the hospital failed to inform the obligation

Co -prosecution hospital

Request compensation

What is going on?

Lets come look

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After a year of ligation, the wife was pregnant

It turned out, December 2019

Mr. Liu (a pseudonym) in a hospital in Xiamen

Perform viaing tubal ligation surgery

Cost more than 2,000 yuan

Early 2021

Mr. Liu’s wife was found to be pregnant

after consideration

Mr. Liu’s wife implements labor abortion

March 2021

Mr. Liu went to other hospitals to check semen


Sperm activity rate is 60%

Next month

His hospitals that perform ligation surgery are checked again

Sperm activity rate is 54.2%

Mr. Liu said

The hospital only tells him

Need for contraception within 3 months after surgery

No longer needed anymore

Such an accident

He has hurt yourself and his wife

The hospital should be liable for compensation

During the trial of the case, the hospital stated that Mr. Liu was reviewed in May 2020, when the report showed that semen was retained.To this end, the doctor clearly informed Mr. Liu that it would take 3 to 6 months and 10 times to complete the excitement.The hospital also stated that the ligation surgery for Mr. Liu is not 100 % efficient, and naturally healing may occur in two years after the operation.

Although the hospital believes that it has fully inform Mr. Liu’s relevant risks and precautions for surgery, the hospital has failed to provide Mr. Liu’s informed consent.

Therefore, the Huli District Court heard that at least the hospital should retain at least surgical knowledge consent for investigation. The evidence of the case cannot prove that the hospital has fulfilled the obligation to inform.Because the hospital failed to inform the obligation, Mr. Liu did not take contraceptive measures, which led to the pregnancy of his spouse and manual abortion. The hospital infringed the health of Mr. Liu and his spouse, and he should bear the liability of infringement.


The court made a first trial judgment

The hospital is required to compensate Mr. Liu at 4947.68 yuan

Compensation from Mr. Liu’s spouse 9718.32 yuan

Comprehensive: Straits Herald,

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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