After a woman is pregnant, her husband should do three things well to avoid affecting the development of the fetus

After conceiving the baby, the pregnant mother became the target of the whole family to take care of it. Every day, she was served delicious and delicious, for fear that she would not take care of it and affect the development of the fetus.During the expectant mother’s pregnancy, the husband plays a very important role. If he wants his wife to go smoothly, the husband can do the following three things!

1. More about the mood of pregnant mothers

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have found that they have changed, not changes in figure, but in personality.Before, I was gentle and patient. After having a baby, I became super irritable. The place where I was a little uncomfortable wanted to lose my temper at her husband, and sometimes her husband was not patient.

It is actually normal to grow bigger during pregnancy, because the body hormone after pregnancy increases, and the torture of various pregnancy reactions will become sensitive and irritable.The prospective dad should let the pregnant mother more, otherwise the pregnant mother is often in emotion such as angry, sad, and can easily lead to slow or miscarriage of the fetus.

2. Know how to adjust the relationship with mother -in -law

After the wife was pregnant, her mother -in -law couldn’t help but come to take care of it. Two together every day together, they were prone to friction contradictions.At this time, when the husband, you can’t sit back and ignore, let alone say, "It’s not easy for my mother to raise me, you have to endure her more".When the dispute, when necessary, you can bid to his wife appropriately. After all, she is pregnant and she must know how to hurt her.

3. Take the initiative to help do housework

Although women are not so arrogant after pregnancy, it is not that all housework cannot be done. Occasionally, it is also a good thing to move and bones.

But after all, I have a big belly after all. It is not convenient to move, and some housework is not suitable for doing it.Such as cooking, bending down, mopping the floor, using detergent cleaning toilets, heavy objects, and so on. The prospective dad can take the initiative to help, otherwise the pregnant mother will be too late to regret it.

In short, pregnancy is not a matter of pregnant mothers alone. The prospective father must create a good pregnancy environment for the pregnant mother, quit smoking and drinking, and keep the pregnant mother a pleasant emotion, which is very helpful to the fetal development.

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